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Rant about tradesmen

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peggotty Mon 17-Sep-07 17:17:50

FGS do ALL tradesmen have it written into their code of conduct to slag off other trademen's work?!?!
Kitchen Fitter about Water Board who fitted water meter 'what the hell is this sprocket/flangegasket/widget (insert appropriate baffling word) doing on THIS pipe?'

Tiler about kitchen fitters 'oh i can't believe they've fitted cupboards over those old tiles..'

Central Heating engineer about tiler 'what bloody idiot tiled round this radiator then?'

AAAAgggh - so they're ALL shit at their job, and we've employed them all at one time or another (according to their own unique take on one another's skills)!
Sorry, rant over. Had to get it out somewhere.

Roskva Tue 18-Sep-07 14:28:02

I know the feeling.

There used to be 2 brothers who were both plumbers round here. One of them did a lot of work for us; sadly he passed away not long afterwards. About a year later, the plumbing developed a problem, so we managed to get the brother (who didn't know at that stage who had done the original work) round to fix it. New plumber starts finding fault with the original work. The look on his face when I gently explained that it was his brother's handiwork he was slagging off was a picture.

We now have a lady plumber - she turns up when she says she will and gets on with the job without mouthing off smile (and doesn't need a cigarette break every 10 minutes)

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