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Not sure which section this goes in .... need some boat advice please!

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pigsinmud Mon 17-Sep-07 11:25:06

Ok - dh soon to be 40. He used to sail a lot when he was little. His dad still has some big old boat at Bristol, but dh hardly ever gets to go down there. We now have 4 children - no.2 is 7 and he's keen to sail. Dh was muttering a few months ago about teaching him.

I learnt to sail in my teens - sailed a topper. I'd love to get dh a small boat so he could teach no.2 and any of the others when they're a bit bigger. Obviously looking 2nd hand - do I go for toppers? Will that fit 6ft dh and a 7 year old ok? Also, saw somewhere that you can put a topper on a roof rack (we have a Zafira) - is that possible? I'm sure I can think of some more questions if anyone can help me with the first few!

Slubberdegullion Mon 17-Sep-07 11:31:18

We used to have a Topper, and yes we transported it on the roof rack (and for many years inside our camper van). My Dad is tall (6' 2" I think) and he was OK in it but it'e certainly not roomy. Him, me and my sister in was def. a big squeeze.

Great boat to learn to sail in though, not too many bits and when I got to 7 or 8 I sailed it by myself fine (could even right it by myself).

Not sure of the next size up, a laser maybe?

justjules Mon 17-Sep-07 11:36:20

dp sails,

asked him for you and the first thing to consider is do you want to sail on river or sea (your location is important)

and how much do you think you want to spend?

pigsinmud Mon 17-Sep-07 11:47:00

Thinking cheap!Been looking on ebay at toppers. I emailed one seller about putting topper on roof rack and she was shocked - you can can't you?

Live in Surrey. There is a large lake nearby - has a watersports centre there.

justjules Mon 17-Sep-07 11:54:18

can you go down there and ask if they are looking to sell any of thiers,

that way to get to try-before-buy and you can test the roof rack option?

dp says great little boat but they do tend to be expensive 2nd hand, very easy to use/sail,

also, ebay can be hit and miss, you can get a bargin but you could do with seeing the boat first,

do you have a 'loot' mag for your local area, that way you can go and see it first, the price is fixed (ect) and you need not faf with ebay, you may get a bargin from someone who cant be bothered ebaying smile

pigsinmud Mon 17-Sep-07 11:58:56

Hmm - think perhaps you're right justjules. Don't think I'll surprise dh with this one. I'll tell him my idea and then he can go & look with me. As I say, I know nothing about boats - get a bit scared off by his dad's boating talk ... sounds like a foreign language.

His "surprise" party will have to be enough. Think I'm getting carried away with surprises this year!

Thanks for your advice.

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