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Okay, I have a mobile phone that looks like a car battery ....

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earlgrey Sun 16-Sep-07 08:26:28

... but my mum got dd1 one for her birthday which she doesn't use. Is it possible to send photos to another moby which is able take photos?

God, just re-read that and I sound like 70.

Jill60 Sun 16-Sep-07 08:38:47

EH? Can you send a pic to a camera phone - is that what you are asking? If you are, the answer is yes. You can send a photo/pic to whoever you like but they will only be able to see if it they can get pics on their phone.

earlgrey Sun 16-Sep-07 08:40:11

Thanks. Yes, that was what I was asking blush Sorry I didn't make myself clear.

Jill60 Sun 16-Sep-07 08:42:30

Don't worry, am hungover...needed clarification <queasy wave>

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