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Wedding dress shortlist - what do you think!

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Beccarollover Thu 07-Oct-04 10:38:36

I went wedding dress trying on yesterday - it was fab!

The lovely spook came with me and had her own favourite out of this lot but I wont say which.

What do you all think?

Northerner Thu 07-Oct-04 10:39:40

Where's the link Becca?!!

Beccarollover Thu 07-Oct-04 10:40:34


Dulce Vita



Any thoughts would be great - I really couldnt decide, every one of these ones I put on I loved!

spacemonkey Thu 07-Oct-04 10:42:40

aaargh they're all gorgeous!

Northerner Thu 07-Oct-04 10:43:19

They are all beautiful Becca. But my personal favourite is Dion.

zubb Thu 07-Oct-04 10:45:29

all look lovely, think my favourite was the olympia, but it is difficult to say without seeing them on you! What did you think , did you feel comfortable in them all?

fuzzywuzzy Thu 07-Oct-04 10:46:23

I think I'll ask dp to remarry me....My favourite is Dulce Vita

JoolsToo Thu 07-Oct-04 10:47:01

yes I liked the Dion but my most favourite is the Olympia - I like plainer things myself not that any of them are fussy but I think the Olympia is really classy

bundle Thu 07-Oct-04 10:47:33

they are all lovely, but olympia i think is the nicest

Beccarollover Thu 07-Oct-04 10:47:50

I felt like a princess in them all - these were the 4 I would have trouble deciding on - I tried about 7 in total and discarded a few (including a fairly hideous meringue that spook made me try!!).

I love the simplicity of Olympia but the sparkle on some of the others were lovely too.

HOW do you decide!!!!

Dulce Vita was a bit big on me as was Dion so it was hard to tell with those ones.

Hulababy Thu 07-Oct-04 10:49:57

They are all so lovely. You are going to look stunning. Which felt "best" on to you?

I think I like the Oylmpia best, but such a hard decision!

bonniej Thu 07-Oct-04 10:50:09

I liked Celeste the best. You're not getting much help here are you It all depends on which one you felt comfortable in. When I put my wedding dress on I knew straight away it was the one for me even though it didn't look the best on the hanger. Only you will know which one's right. Good luck!

bundle Thu 07-Oct-04 10:53:29

becca with the simple ones you can afford to go a bit *mad* on the jewellery front...and tiara!

NomDePlume Thu 07-Oct-04 11:00:28

Of course it all depends on your body shape etc but my personal favourite is Celeste. I can't get Dulce to load, for some reason.

FWIW, my wedding dress was not my first choice on the hanger, but I knew it was the 'one' once I'd tried it for size. Much like DH

NomDePlume Thu 07-Oct-04 11:02:38

Agree with bundle re jewellery, I would steer clear of over-ornate jewellery/tiaras etc if you decide to go with quite a detailed dress.

Dulce has just loaded, Celeste is definitely my favourite.

motherinferior Thu 07-Oct-04 11:03:35

I think a friend had Olympia at her wedding and boy did she look fabulous. The most amazing combination of sexy but appropriate IYKWIM!

Chuffed Thu 07-Oct-04 11:05:35

becca if you are still having trouble after everybody has given you their verdict think about what goes best with your venue. Have you got bridesmaids dresses picked out...which one goes best with those.
I can see how you can't decide as I'm having trouble choosing my favourite just looking at them. The dulce vita and celeste appear take away the eye from certain areas while the olympia is very streamlined. They are just beautiful I'm sure you'll look gorgeous in any of them.

Twinkie Thu 07-Oct-04 11:06:24

Like Dolce Vita and Olympia - can't make up mind though!

Bagpuss30 Thu 07-Oct-04 11:10:52

Dion or Olympia are the ones I like. I'm sure which ever one you choose you will look fantastic .

SoupDragon Thu 07-Oct-04 11:11:43

Beware of dresses which have masses of beading/crystals under your arms - it will chafe! This could be a problem with Dulce Vita.

My favourite was Celeste but what was the rear view like?

skerriesmum Thu 07-Oct-04 11:15:35

I vote for Celeste too but only because I'm not into sparkly bits so much. When is the wedding?

melsy Thu 07-Oct-04 11:27:06

I love olympia the best as Im not into adornment added. I think that then a really lovely tiara and earings. I love the way it wraps. Im more into the way fabric is tailored than apliques. You could then also go with a stole that has some work on it. My dress was plain duchess satin, very 40's film costume.

I had my tiara made with thick silver bars flattened to cross over in a woven pattern and then it was dotted with baby blue semi precious stones which were woven randomly with silver wire. I then borrowed the most glamourous real sapphire earings set with 4 stones each to make a big diamond shape.

Beccarollover Thu 07-Oct-04 11:33:07

The wedding is 15th October next year - the bridesmaids will be in a Mocha colour

MancMum Thu 07-Oct-04 11:35:50

olympia!! Great dress but not so over the top that you miss the bride!! agree with everyone who says go for plainer and do it up with jewels etc... you will look gorgeous

SpringChicken Thu 07-Oct-04 11:41:34

They are all beautiful Becca - wish i would be able to wear one before the next millenniun comes round!

Personally i think Dion and Dulce vita looked very similar but are stunning - this is the sort of dress i would wear. However, i loved the shape of Celeste (was a bit different)!

Can see this is going to be a complete nightmare for you - if you love them all equally and really can't decide how about gettng someone else to make the decision for you or ask the shop owner her personal appearance from an outsiders view.

I'm sure you'll look wonderful whichever one you choose.

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