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MNWI: Autumn Term. A LDC photographed in a setting of natural beauty or site of historical interest.

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Slubberdegullion Sun 09-Sep-07 20:08:11

Welcome back ladies.

Anyone up for a spot of competitive baking?

Thought we might kick off with the classic Lemon Drizzle Cake but with a twist. Not only will this test out baking skills, but a fair wodge of points will be awarded for selection and photography of said cake somewhere nice.

I will be inviting the MN Patron of the LDC, MarsLady to be this weeks judge.

So rules are.

Make a LDC. Recipe here

Take cake to somewhere outdoorsy and pleasant on the eye, or historical.

Photograph cake.

Eat cake (optional).

Photograph cake being eaten (optional).

Upload photos here.
Username: MNLDC

Entries are anonymous (as per usual).

Deadline for entries is next sunday (16th) by 10pm.

All rules are subject to change by the judge and whoever puts up a good argument for having them changed.

Think that's it. Anyone fancy it?

Newcomers always welcome.

Slubberdegullion Sun 09-Sep-07 20:09:12

Dear MarsLady,

please would you be the judge?

yours sincerely,

Slubber and the ladies of the MNWI.

Bink Sun 09-Sep-07 20:11:13

... and why is this reminding me of National Curriculum Feature Barney the Bear photographed on an exciting holiday? Not that I think it isn't a lovely idea, but really if you could combine them somebody's Year 1 teacher will be very impressed

littlelapin Sun 09-Sep-07 20:13:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Slubberdegullion Sun 09-Sep-07 20:16:17

Well the anonymity bit is always one of the rules that gets abused or ignored.

Aircraft carrier sounds excellent LL. More points if very attractive men in uniform can be found somewhere in the shot.

littlelapin Sun 09-Sep-07 20:16:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsJohnCusack Sun 09-Sep-07 20:17:16

oh oh oh oh oh oh I might just do it!

Slubberdegullion Sun 09-Sep-07 20:19:19

Hey MrsJC...a spot of NZ scenery would make me envy and long a little bit.

An LDC on the Milford Sound...surely a winner

Slubberdegullion Sun 09-Sep-07 20:33:30

Oh no you're not falling out of active convos that easily.

12oz flour bump.

Slubberdegullion Sun 09-Sep-07 21:27:00

One last bump tonight, I'm off to look at Aragorn.

9oz sugar bump

Mars Sun 09-Sep-07 21:29:59

<<Mars puts on her judging hat.... cake judging>> grin

Thank you for the honour of..... oops sorry! The speech is next weekend! grin

WideWebWitch Sun 09-Sep-07 21:32:00

Fantastic, a mn cake competition, how wonderful. I haven't got time but when you have a fairy cake bake off can I be entered please?

MerlinsBeard Sun 09-Sep-07 21:34:09

awww...wish i had known about this earlier. Made LDC buns ;ast week and had them in Lyme Park while a scary squirrel watched closely!

Alambil Sun 09-Sep-07 21:45:05

so, this is a serious thing then or will I look a complete wally if I actually take a pic of a cake and post it...?

can i join in please?

MrsJohnCusack Mon 10-Sep-07 01:53:56

well I don't think I'm going to make it all the way down to Milford Sound BUT I might take my cake for a jaunt up to the top of the Port Hills, or to the beach grin

LewisFan, you and I will be wallies together, because I'm definitely going to do it grin

mamama Mon 10-Sep-07 02:06:13

I made one this afternoon but ate half of it before I saw this thread angry

Now I'll have to make another one <sigh>

Slubberdegullion Mon 10-Sep-07 09:32:22

Morning all.

Lewis fan, oh no wallies here..this is all serious stuff wink. Don't worry there will definately be some LDC's up there in the photo gallery for yours to sit next to.

MrsJC, I recall lots of dolphins in NZ, maybe you could have LDC in the foreground and a dolphin gracefully leaping out of the water behind. Now that going head to head with Lapin's men in uniform background would be a fearsome competition indeed.

Slubberdegullion Mon 10-Sep-07 09:33:31

MarsLady, thank you so much. Your presence lends gravity to the competition.

ChippyMinton Mon 10-Sep-07 14:49:54

Good afternoon laydees. Tea, anyone?

I'm in. I have a cunning location idea. Must it be a traybake or can it be muffins or loaf?

Slubberdegullion Mon 10-Sep-07 15:32:38

Afternoon Chippy.

That would be a question for the judge I think.

Personally I like my LDC in a loaf (easier to cut up), but MarsLady may have a preference of shape, to which we should abide.

Have never made LDC muffins before...what glorious cleverness in a mini paper cake liner is that.

Mars Mon 10-Sep-07 15:52:24

I think the most important thing is that I can see the lemony lusciousness of your cakes/loaves/muffins!

I will be looking at presentation, creativity and zest! grin

ChippyMinton Mon 10-Sep-07 15:55:36

Yes indeed. See my profile pics for some I made earlier.
Would my kitchen counter qualify as an historical location do you think? [time-saving]

Oh I'm SOOOOOO in!!

(not sure how i'm going to do this with my folks staying with me but i'll try!!)

Lewisfan: if you ware on Facebook we have a group: MNWI
you can see some past contributions.

Slubberdegullion Mon 10-Sep-07 16:03:06

lol, maybe save your worksurfaces for another day Chippy, if we do a retro bake off perhaps.

Mars, will you will be requiring internal shots of the cake if zestiness is something you will be awarding points for?

oh yes Mars. we need to know what you will be looking for in MY winning cake!

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