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The prodigal bunny has returned !!!!!!!

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clutteredup Sat 08-Sep-07 20:22:03

HE'S BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bouncy Ben has returned safe and well from his travels.
Thank you everyone for all your help and concern, sorry for not posting sooner but we were away and got back the day before the Dc were back at school and pre school so my feet have only touched the ground today.
The most bizarre thing happened , the night we got back I was sorting things for pre school and I looked in her pre school bag and there was BOuncy Ben, I could have sworn I looked there as we looked everywhere more than twice over. She had been so good while we were away and swallowed the whole story of him going away, we had even found a replacement bunny, Bouncy Bella, his sister on holiday to look after her till he returned ( aka she forgot). I could swear that he had been away and returned as we still can't work out how he got into the pre school bag, I had goose pimples when I found him. I suspect DH had something to do with it as he has a habit of 'tidying up' what he considers to be clutter!! -thus the name I'll admit. Anyway she was thrilled to see him return, we set him up with a backpack, some carrots and the dinosaur from the Natural History Museum we found him with - see I'm sure he went back to fetch it for her - so she's total;y convinced he just went holidaying, thanks much to Wandering Trolley for the postcard from London which was on the doorstep when we got back.
Thank you so much for your concern, she was so terribly sad but now she's a happy content little girl again and I'm thrilled.
even if we do have 2 bunnies now hmm

southeastastra Sat 08-Sep-07 20:22:35

hooray! glad you found him

clutteredup Sat 08-Sep-07 20:24:11

Thank you

ursaferrugineusa Sat 08-Sep-07 20:30:57

Glad he's back - I remember the trauma when DS lost Clown and that was only for one night - luckily he'd dropped him in the newsagents who delivered our newspaper -there was a ring at the door and there he was on the doorstep. DS was convinced he'd found his own way home!

I did a little bit of storytelling about how Clown hadn't liked being lost & maybe he'd like to stay in the house from now on - DS swallowed it like a lamb & Clown became a bedtime only friend, much to my relief.

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