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If you are going for a Woodland Walk -

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Whizzz Sat 08-Sep-07 14:25:57

And want to keep the kids occupied, have a look here

lots of spotter sheets for the children to tick things off as they see them and they can learn about trees / nature at the same time !

MarcellusLadinium Sat 08-Sep-07 14:28:05

actually Whizzz I was going to end the sentence.... you would need copious amounts of alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whizzz Sat 08-Sep-07 15:15:35


Whizzz Sun 09-Sep-07 15:52:56

Well obviously I'm the only one who think they are good !! The sheets worked a treat today, no complaints of aching legs or boredom! grin

MilaMae Sun 09-Sep-07 15:57:10

No they look great to me-thanks!!!!

FrannyandZooey Sun 09-Sep-07 15:59:29

Oh that's great, Whizzz, thank you very much. I am trying to put together a woodland activity session for young children and that site looks helpful.

auntyquated Sun 09-Sep-07 15:59:30

thanks whizzz i have put them in my favourites

tigerschick Sun 09-Sep-07 16:02:42

That's a fab site.
We used to have little books when we were young so we could check things in them. My parents also let us take a bag to put 'treasures' in - things like sticks, leaves, pinecones etc - we would then examine them while we had our lunch or what ever, we would then leave the treasures behind so everone was happy smile

ArcticRoll Sun 09-Sep-07 16:06:39

Thanks for that whizzz.
Just returned from lovely woodland walk but made me realise that I am very ignorant about countryside and unable to answer most of dd's questions.

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