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My Frizzy Hair

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sobernow Sat 07-Sep-02 16:44:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rhubarb Sat 07-Sep-02 17:13:53

Dax - it's light hair dress and just smooths hair out. It's blue and white and can be bought from any pharmacy. Or Brylcreem is actually quite good too, I'm using it at the mo. Both these products do make hair a bit greasy after a couple of days so you need to wash regularly, but it's well worth it. You have my sympathies sobernow, I've suffered from this complaint most of my life. My hair is very curly at the sides but almost straight at the back and can get very frizzy and 'big' if I don't attend to it every day. Still we can't have it all can we?

Marina Sat 07-Sep-02 17:57:38

Can't believe Aveda has not worked for you, it sorted my vile hair out in no time (after I got over half of it falling out when I saw the prices).
Do you wear it long and if so, could you bear to have it cut off until your halo catches up with the rest? If your hairdresser is rich he/she is hopefully also good at their trade, maybe they could help with re-style advice?
I've also found henna helpful in frizzy interludes in the past, but it is getting quite hard to get hold of in high street outlets.
And, as well as eating well, I've found that making a really concerted effort to get my eight glasses of water has helped with frizziness.
I don't think it is at all frivolous to be concerned about your hair, how it looks on any given day can have a huge effect on your morale. It does with me, certainly. We don't say, having a bad toenails day, or bad elbow skin day, do we?

emsiewill Sat 07-Sep-02 18:11:07

Hear, hear Marina - I had a conversation about this with my MIL recently after a disappointing visit to the hairdressers - you can be wearing the most expensive, glamourous clothes in the world, but if your hair doesn't feel right, neither will you.
On the frizziness thing, does anyone use Frizz-Ease (or however they spell it) ? I'm currently using the whole range (as in steps 1,2,3 and 4), and finding it quite good, if expensive.

SueDonim Sat 07-Sep-02 18:37:28

Yes, I've used Frizz-Ease, just the serum, and it's great, although my hair is thick rather than curly. As you say, expensive, but you need such an teensie weensie bit that a tube lasts for ages.

As for bad toenail days, I'm having a few, Marina. Don't know if it's the heat and humidity out here, but both my big toenails are painful and oozing yellow stuff....sorry, too much information!!

lucyk Sat 07-Sep-02 19:38:40

i used the aveda leave in conditioner that was brill and lasted for ages also the vo5 hotoil
treatments are good once a week another trick is not to wash your hair that often
not pleasant but looks great when you do wash it

aloha Sat 07-Sep-02 19:39:21

I still have post baby frizz too. And while I was pregnant I spent half my life trying to blow dry a particularly wild three inch bit of hair (right at the front) straight. It's so frustrating isn't it? I condition etc but it makes no difference. However, I find the longer it gets the more the frizz is pulled out. No answers here but lots of sympathy - I know exactly how you feel.

MalmoMum Sat 07-Sep-02 21:51:50

Have you tried buying normal coconut oil from Boots, giving it a hot bath so that's it melts and rubbing it through your hair. Wash an hour or so later, you can also wrap your hair in cling film or take a sauna for good effect.

I understood that the pg only affects the thickness of your hair not the condition. When you are pg, you don't loose hair and make up after the birth, However most of the hair you can see on your head is quite old and not related to your pregnancy.

I have really dry, thick hair and don't think that Aveda is anything great. Also have Kerestase and that I find drying, Oreal is good.

sobernow Sun 08-Sep-02 07:51:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mopsy Sun 08-Sep-02 09:11:03

Neutrogena Balancing shampoo & conditioner (the pale yellow one) is *seriously* good. Transformed my overprocessed, sunbleached thatch into positively Davina-like silkiness...

batey Sun 08-Sep-02 10:00:36

Thanks for starting this one Sobernow, I too suffer with PITA hair! Will give some of these suggestions a go.

P.S. Drove past you and Dds on Wed -AArrghhh! Couldn't stop or would've caused an accident! Will try your e-mail again!

aloha Sun 08-Sep-02 12:57:46

Funnily enought, last night I used a sachet of L'Oreal Smooth Intense shampoo (free in my Glamour magazine) and it does seem to have helped quite a bit with the frizz. I'm going to buy it and try it again.

Zoe Sun 08-Sep-02 18:12:08

I can recommend the L'Oreal shampoo as someone who suffers from fine wavy hair, it's not bad.

A really good cheap conditioner that I use is Superdrug henna wax conditioner, it's about £2 for a massive pot, smells divine and makes your hair feel really nice - I used a lot after ds was born

sobernow Sun 08-Sep-02 20:24:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

blackcatandcustard Thu 07-Apr-05 14:03:51

Frivolous! Oh No. You feel good or bad about yourself depending on your hair/appearance. NOT frivolous.

I had some same frizz problems and these products changed my life thanks at last to a helpful, knowledgable hairdresser. Costs a bit to get set up and takes a bit of time to get the technique but you get faster.

Please try... L'Oreal Kerastase Bain Oleo Relax (Orange shampoo/see through bottle) - (to relax the hair), a once a week conditioner too to condition and soften it - L'Oreal Kerastase Oleo Relax Masque (also orange packaging). Then, after washing blow dry as straight as poss in sections then use good hundred pound type ceramic hair straighteners (you won't get the real results or speed with £30 versions) to pull down in sections. Start on underneath sections... Can add flicks and stuff as you get more proficient.

For summer, to prevent frizz when hair sweats get some Techni Art Liss Control Cream. I managed a trip to Capri and it worked great. Put this on before blow drying.

All products from local hair salon (about £8 for shampoo, £12 for conditioner, £9 for liss control) or somewhere like

With a good hair cut you could have a completely new look. I did this after my baby arrived 3 years ago and haven't looked back since. Made me a lot happier.

Good luck!

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