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Can anyone tell me what language this is?

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Surfermum Tue 04-Sep-07 21:44:44

A megvásárolni kívánt termék méretének kiválasztását követõen a kosár ikonra kattintva teheted azt a kosárba.

SlightlyMadSCAREYthing Tue 04-Sep-07 21:46:40

I would guess at some sort of middle eastern or maybe russian.

I assume you have tried googling or babelfishing it

Katisha Tue 04-Sep-07 21:46:46


Hallgerda Tue 04-Sep-07 21:47:27

I thought Hungarian too.

StealthPolarBear Tue 04-Sep-07 21:47:52

just googled it and the site came up as .hu so hungarian

SlightlyMadSCAREYthing Tue 04-Sep-07 21:48:40

Have just googled the 2nd word which appears on a number of Hungarian websites if this helps.

SlightlyMadSCAREYthing Tue 04-Sep-07 21:49:02

X posts

StealthPolarBear Tue 04-Sep-07 21:49:02

And it means

THE purchase wanted product about its size sorting adherer the corf ikon kattintva defenceless that the corf

so there - clear as mud

Miaou Tue 04-Sep-07 21:49:15

What does it mean then?

StealthPolarBear Tue 04-Sep-07 21:49:47

Good question!

WanderingTrolley Tue 04-Sep-07 21:50:50

It means "Don't shop online in Hungary. Go to Boden like a normal person."

Surfermum Tue 04-Sep-07 21:51:37

Fab translation SPB grin! Of course, it's in the website address isn't it?! Hu. Hungary. Doh.

I have been searching and searching for an O'Neill swimming costume that I fell in love with in Cornwall (but they didn't have my size). Out of desperation I googled O'Neill and the serial number of the costume and there it was!!

How easy would it be to buy it? Is it a case of just putting in my card details as I would on a uk site?

StealthPolarBear Tue 04-Sep-07 21:54:41

I'd be careful because of the defenceless kattintva.
No, seriously I'd be careful with your CC number. Is it a secure page to pay on? What are you going to do if you have problems and can't talk to anyone?

Surfermum Tue 04-Sep-07 22:03:16

PMSL. Yes, that's what I was thinking. Apart from WTF is a defenceless kattintva.

OK, plan B. Nork reduction so that I can fit the one I saw in Perranporth.

Or get a grip, it's only a swimming costume FGS.

rantinghousewife Tue 04-Sep-07 22:04:50

Normal people go to Boden?shock Pmslgrin

Surfermum Tue 04-Sep-07 22:09:57

I have emailed and asked if anyone speaks English and can help me.

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