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Car Radiators, how much do they cost

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NannyL Mon 03-Sep-07 18:59:54

My car has been leaking coolant and it turns out it needs a new radiator.

The car is in the garage at the moment, but stuoidly i forgot to ask what it might cost.

I gave absolutley no idea at all.

Any idea (at all) what it may cost for the garage to
Find the leak was in the radiator
Remove old radiator and by then fit new radiator as i pick it up tomoorw?


(I dont even have a guess btw so would love to know any figures you may have!)

NannyL Mon 03-Sep-07 19:00:14

* stupidly

petunia Mon 03-Sep-07 19:38:56

Think it depends what sort of car it is. When my Ford Fiesta needed a new radiator, think it cost between £50-£60 (this was 10 years ago though so perhaps I'm not much help!) I also got a friend to fit it (think it took him 1-2 hours) so don't know how much that would end up being.

fruittea Mon 03-Sep-07 19:40:34

My car's going in next week for one, going to be about £80 for the rad and £50 for labour.

Tinker Mon 03-Sep-07 19:42:09

Yes, radiator not that dear - I was quoted £25 for a scrap one. But, in the end, turned out to be head gasket. Oh joy!

NannyL Mon 03-Sep-07 19:47:16

oh thanks everyone

so hoepfull not too expensive then... hopefulyl ill get change from £200

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