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Help please for Cystic Fibrosis petition

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dorisofdevon Mon 03-Sep-07 17:02:03

Hi, Don't know if this has been on MN already and I certainly don't know if this is in the right place but I'd really appreciate any help.

A petition has been raised on the No 10 website campaigning for the removal of prescription charges for adult suffers of CF.

My daughter was diagnosed with CF 7 weeks ago (at 8 days old)and already is on a whole host of meds many of which she will have to be on for the rest of her life. It seems unfair that once she reaches adulthood she will have to pay for her meds whilst others (both my parents with Hypothyroidism) don't (What great genetics I have wink!!)

The link is and it closes on September 5th

Many thanks to all who sign even if it just raises awareness

Ellbell Mon 03-Sep-07 17:20:11

Have signed, doris. My friend ShinyHappyPeople has a ds with CF. Not sure if you've met her on here yet. I hope that your dd is, and stays, as well as possible.

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