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Travel wipes!

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yummum72 Sun 02-Sep-07 15:45:44

hi, i'm hoping someone can tell me if they know where to find a slim plastic carrier for baby wipes to put in my nappy bag. i am fed up of taking a big packet of wipes out with me. i know that pampers have had them in the past attached to packets of wipes as a promotion but i've not seen them recently.
Any ideas would be appreciated TIA

JiminyCricket Sun 02-Sep-07 15:55:03

Not quite as glam but a handful of wipes in a small plastic ziplock bag works just as well

HappyMummyOfOne Sun 02-Sep-07 15:55:49

Have a look on ebay, remember having a twin pack off there when DS was younger.

MrsBadger Sun 02-Sep-07 16:17:58

the box Lakeland sell for crispbreads is just the right size


have they discontinued them? shock
they were an oblong version of this the size of a Ryvita

meanwhile, ebay

Nbg Sun 02-Sep-07 16:18:32

You can still buy the slim packs.

MrsBadger Sun 02-Sep-07 16:19:48

ebay twin pack as mentioned below

BrownSuga Sun 02-Sep-07 16:22:55

i think blooming marvellous have them, 2 pack, but TBH, the dry out quite quickly so don't find them useful.

BrownSuga Sun 02-Sep-07 16:26:53

it was jojo

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