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Relocating to Leeds - HELP!!!

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Mum2Lucas Fri 31-Aug-07 22:42:49

I'm returning to work soon and looking for a job in Leeds at one of the Banks (GE in Morley, First Direct in Stourton, YBS or Bradford & Bingley in Bradford). I don't know Leeds so I'm trying to find an area with a good primary school and nursery from which I could commute to one of the areas listed above. Ideally, I'd prefer somewhere relatively easy to commute to most of those places so that if things don't work out and I have to look for another job I won't have to move again. Could anyone recommend anywhere? I'm starting to wonder if it's worth the effort as I seem to be spending most of my maternity leave going to interviews and researching new ares . HELP!!

Feenie Fri 31-Aug-07 22:47:27

Good primary schools in Moortown, Meanwood, Roundhay, Chapel Allerton and Headingley (where I teach!). Expensive houses to go with all of them, though.

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