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who of note was a contemporary of yours at school or university?

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hatwoman Wed 29-Aug-07 14:08:50

I went to college with this man shock

Sherbert37 Wed 29-Aug-07 14:09:37

JK Rowling was at Exeter Uni when I was there. Didn't know her of course.

hellish Wed 29-Aug-07 14:10:35

Amanda Holden went to my primary school

throckenholt Wed 29-Aug-07 14:10:50

no-one that I am aware of !

Tutter Wed 29-Aug-07 14:11:50

these young(ish) men

they entered our halls 'battle of the bands' and came last <snurk>

artichokes Wed 29-Aug-07 14:11:54

I went to school with a finalist in the first series of American Idol (not sure that counts as someone of note - but best I can do).

lisalisa Wed 29-Aug-07 14:12:29

Message withdrawn

ImBarryScott Wed 29-Aug-07 14:12:51

ooh, tutter - I was there too!

Tutter Wed 29-Aug-07 14:13:48

and i knew him at school. in fact his mum was my dad's secretary. i think.

Tutter Wed 29-Aug-07 14:14:20

barry, same halls, same time? (oak house, 1989)

preggersagain Wed 29-Aug-07 14:14:30

Jamie Theakston but he was expelled for credit card fraud!! grin

There's loads of others- i went to a posho public boarding school grin!! (never fitted in though)

tiredemma Wed 29-Aug-07 14:15:06

Martin Shaw went to my secondary school- not at the same time of course.

fiona phillips, ben sheppard, chris tarrant,victoria wood,simon le bon and Sir Liam Donaldson all went to my uni.

Tutter Wed 29-Aug-07 14:16:39

oh, and also, this ubiquitous tv bloke was aty my uni - his gf shared a house with my bf, so i bumped into him a lot

ImBarryScott Wed 29-Aug-07 14:17:00

Not oak house I'm afraid, though I remember many a party there (always seemed to wake up on the lawns....hmm).

was at Hulme Hall as an undergrad, then Woolton Hall as a tutor during postgrad years.

God, I wish I was still a student.

Slubberdegullion Wed 29-Aug-07 14:18:16

I went to school with Charlie what's-his-face from the now demised Busted.

Rather disappointing really as usually my old school churns out impressive sorts such as Steven Fry, the Suchet brothers...oh I forget who else... that cricket commentator. Any way I wasn't there with them so they don't count. Only Charlie who I never spoke to as he was some spotty hormonal little shite when I was in the sixth form.

CountessDracula Wed 29-Aug-07 14:18:43

Tutter I don't know who any of yours are!
You nned to name them

I was at school with the blonde one here

And Lord Lucan's dd's

Tutter Wed 29-Aug-07 14:20:04


<mutters about not being With It>

chemical brothers
stephen houghton (london's burning) (ok, not exactly a sleb grin)
matt allwright

frisbyrat Wed 29-Aug-07 14:22:19

I knew Ben Goldacre a little bit at uni. Different colleges, mind. My chap at the time used to know him and I'd pop round to visit. He smoked far too much. grin

Blandmum Wed 29-Aug-07 14:22:49

most famous members of the collage were a little while ago grin

'Among these are the philosopher John Locke, religious leaders John Wesley and William Penn and the writers W.H. Auden and Lewis Carroll. Albert Einstein studied at Christ Church briefly in the 1930s. The College also has a close connection with government. Christ Church has produced 13 Prime Ministers and numerous Cabinet ministers, Bishops and civil servants.

The House's most celebrated political alumnus is William Gladstone who was Prime Minister 4 times during the 19th Century. More recent members include the comedy writer Richard Curtis and the composer and broadcaster Howard Goodall.'

I just missed Curtis and Goodall, who I'd love to meet at a re-union. [sigh]

Lovecat Wed 29-Aug-07 14:29:00


But my OH was at primary school with Liz Hurley....

zippitippitoes Wed 29-Aug-07 14:29:05

simon fanshawe (was friends with him) and bob mortimer and an academic called paul gilroy and a music R&R (??)person called les molloy (friend of his too hence have met that girl nicky off last years bb when she was little)

zippitippitoes Wed 29-Aug-07 14:29:53

that was university

nailpolish Wed 29-Aug-07 14:36:22

this man used to babysit me when i stayed at my friends for sleepovers!

hotcrossbunny Wed 29-Aug-07 14:36:29

Brian Molko from Placebo. Was in halls with him. His band used to play at hall revues etc

chestnutty Wed 29-Aug-07 14:51:00

Went to college at the same time as John Thompson(cold feet and fast show).
He was a great actor then.(college panto)

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