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A warm welcome back, please, for the MN YURT

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littlelapin Wed 29-Aug-07 09:01:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fawkeoff Wed 29-Aug-07 09:02:43

yay grin are we chanting anything today LL

filthymindedvixen Wed 29-Aug-07 09:03:06

I'm bagging this Yak-wool cushion here.

Blandmum Wed 29-Aug-07 09:04:08

I'm not digging the latrines, I did them last time.

I'm going to sit on the nicest bean bag and eat all the brownies and then have a nice little sleep.

My kids can go and interact with yours1 wink

BandofMothers Wed 29-Aug-07 09:04:22

Can anyone come in???

<<<<sits in Lotus postion, closes eyes and tries to tune out noisy children>>>>>

WideWebWitch Wed 29-Aug-07 09:05:18

My kids are free range: I let them just be, man

fawkeoff Wed 29-Aug-07 09:05:52

>>>>>sighs happily<<<<<< would anyone like some rasberry tea x

Bluestocking Wed 29-Aug-07 09:06:15

It's a little chilly in here! <passes round handspun and loomed vicuna wool blankets from the MN organically raised vicuna herd>

lulumama Wed 29-Aug-07 09:06:24

oooh.....and some lovely paisley wall hangings and big squishy bean bags... i demand we have a birthing teepee too..or is demanding not in the spirit of the yurt? wink

littlelapin Wed 29-Aug-07 09:07:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

elesbells Wed 29-Aug-07 09:08:25

Ylang-ylang oil at the ready, brain shutting down.

<<<blocking out desire to put my children that are demanding money down the toilet>>>

BandofMothers Wed 29-Aug-07 09:08:36

<<<<makes tea for Fawkeoff but NOT her DHwink>>>>

This is lovely. Anyone got a roach????

oops Wed 29-Aug-07 09:10:51

Message withdrawn

RubySlippers Wed 29-Aug-07 09:13:12

do you have to dress like this

if so, i will dust off my CND badges, flares and love beads maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

WideWebWitch Wed 29-Aug-07 09:14:01

Did you really oops? ha ha ha!

Demanding is not in the spirit of the yurt, no, but of course if that's how you feel then we can all talk about that and discuss your feelings and our feelings and see if we can take everyones feelings into consideration so we don't disturb the atmosphere and the good vibe. Shall we have a vote on how that would maybe be as a possible way of coming to a consensus agreement on things?

WideWebWitch Wed 29-Aug-07 09:15:03

But I persoanally feel we should have a birthing teepee and also somewhere to plant placentas when wimmin don't want to eat them.

fawkeoff Wed 29-Aug-07 09:16:53

ooooooh bom you are way too kind

elesbellmoonshine Wed 29-Aug-07 09:16:58

yeah, and we have to change names man


littlelapin Wed 29-Aug-07 09:17:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blandmum Wed 29-Aug-07 09:17:12

oops, 'radical midwives' and 'chewy' flapjacks????

Are you sure there was no placenta in them???? wink

Blandmum Wed 29-Aug-07 09:18:39

But isn't having a separate yurt going to be divisive???

The radical Knitters will be in next, wanting a PSSO annexe

springflowerslapin Wed 29-Aug-07 09:19:02

ahhhh, I feel goood in my new name <meditates>

WideWebWitch Wed 29-Aug-07 09:19:37

Oh I hadbn't thought about that MB, yes, we want to be inclusive. I think we should have a group session exploring our feelings aroudn this.

lulumama Wed 29-Aug-07 09:20:00

<<presents tray of soggy organic rice cakes, topped with dubious looking 'pate'..>>

springflowerslapin Wed 29-Aug-07 09:20:35

how about a 2 storey yurt, then we will all still be as one...

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