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<sob> It is 3.44am, and I am awake through trying to claw off my eczema hands

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FlameBatfink Tue 28-Aug-07 03:47:53

Now sat here smothered in cream with finger bandages on the offending fingers.

It feels like something has set it off tonight, my face is all itchy too, so I have just taken antihistamine.

Running through the list of foods, the only thing I can think of that is new to me lately (eczema much worse lately) is marmite and ryvita... had a yeast and malt allergy when I hit puberty, starting to wonder if that is resurfacing

Just randomly talking to myself as you are all in bed asleep...

colinandcaitlinsmommy Tue 28-Aug-07 03:50:29

I'm not asleep. I have no advice, just sympathy, letting you know someone was thinking of you.

FlameBatfink Tue 28-Aug-07 03:56:04


Been up the last few nights with DS (who is currently in our bed hmm) and could have done without this.

Why are you up at stupid o clock? Are you abroad? (Well, abroad for me... not for you, at home for you wink)

colinandcaitlinsmommy Tue 28-Aug-07 04:07:38

I'm in Oregon. I have no idea what marmite or ryvita is. (although I've got enough figured out on the marmite to presume I wouldn't like it.) I'm with you on the I don't need this thing. DD turned 2 today, and she still wakes up every night, and last night I was up all night coughing.

Don't know about eczema, but I've found I can take pain much better than itching.

FlameBatfink Tue 28-Aug-07 04:18:22

Eek @ still waking every night, I am lucky in as such that he only does it every now and then.

Happy birthday to your DD grin

You're right with the pain/itching. Pain you can leave alone, itching you just want to go back to and scratch!!!

I think the antihistamine is starting to kick in and I should be able to sleep again soon.

DH has this week off work, so hopefully I can sleep in a bit tomorrow.

colinandcaitlinsmommy Tue 28-Aug-07 04:20:26

Good, it should help you stop itching and sleep, too. Glad that DH is home, I've found that even sleeping in an extra hour or 2 after being up all night really helps.

Hopefully good night for your sake.

mamama Tue 28-Aug-07 04:23:27

Ouch, you have my sympathy. I didn't know yeast allergies could cause eczema. Poor you. I get it on my fingers from time to time and it just makes me want to chop them off. Hope the antihistamine helps.

FlameBatfink Tue 28-Aug-07 04:27:31

It seems to be that eczema is the way that allergies show themselves in me (if that makes any sense??)

Just heard a thud and a squeak from upstairs hmm - think I will go pick up my son from the floor!!!

mamama Tue 28-Aug-07 04:41:29

lol flame. Hope he's ok!

vonsudenfed Tue 28-Aug-07 04:44:35

I'm up because we're moving house tomorrow and I can't sleep for thinking.

But have you thought about thrush as a part cause of eczema (hence the yeast thing)? It was suggested to me that Canestan might help, and if I use it with steroid cream, it does sometimes help.

But I know how miserable it is - for whole years of my life I would be waking up twice a night to reapply the Eurax and then waiting for it to kick in...

FlameBatfink Tue 28-Aug-07 12:04:00

Hope the move goes ok

Thank you for talkinig to me last night. Eczema is a lot better today. I've got some canesten here that I will try on it a bit later.

DS has a bit of an egg on his head from the fall blush - he has his first nursery induction today too!!!

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