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hopey Sun 01-Sep-02 19:01:03

Well I think Victoria and David Beckham have surpassed themselves. For months they have had the media thinking they were to have a girl and call it Paris, when they have just had a boy and called him Romeo. I feel for the poor little thing. Can you imagine the mickey taking he'll have to deal with at school!

Jbr Sun 01-Sep-02 20:25:22

He'll have to put up with it just for who his parents are I guess.

On a different note, why are the media so hung up on people who have Caesarians?!

mears Sun 01-Sep-02 21:31:29

See the thread on mumsnetters and Romeo - same theme

maryz Sun 01-Sep-02 21:31:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mears Sun 01-Sep-02 21:32:23

Proper title - 'who's going to have the first mumsnet romeo?'

Jbr Sun 01-Sep-02 22:00:10

It was a breach birth.

I don't understand this "too posh to push" thing at all.

Chinchilla Sun 01-Sep-02 22:56:59

Jbr - I think that this was invented by the media because a lot of celebrities were opting to have CS's. They felt that these women were fitting having their babies into their busy schedules, and that it meant that they felt themselves too important to have the baby 'naturally' (i.e. down the birth canal, not without any pain relief!)

I do agree to a certain extent about the celebrities. Zoe Ball actually admitted that she had had this operation because she had seen what her mother went through to have a baby, due to her narrow hips. Whilst I can see that she was worried, I can't see your average mother being allowed to do this in an NHS hospital!

Obviously, we do not ever know the full stories behind these births, and I know that CS's are never given out willy nilly to the average mother. I was told that I might have to have one, following a long and potentially dangerous labour, but begged for it to be absolutely the last resort.

I can imagine that it is horrendous, and cannot understand why someone would select to have a major operation to give birth, unless absolutely necessary.

BTW - Romeo? Good God! Whatever next? Could have been worse I suppose. At least Brooklyn wasn't conceived in Peckham - Peckham Beckham....

bunny2 Sun 01-Sep-02 23:31:19

I do like Vic and Dave, I think they are good role models. I have heard rumours (from someone who knew someone who knew a midwife at the Prtland) that Posh had a tummy tuck at the same time as her caesarian when she had Brooklyn - is this true? Is it medically possible? If so I want one next time.

cos Mon 02-Sep-02 09:28:40

Is#nt a bit inappropriate to discuss someones medical details?, what happened in the Portland is confidential and that midwife shoulnd gossip, its a sackable offence in the NHS at least

pupuce Mon 02-Sep-02 10:20:51

I agree with Cos - and we shouldn't judge their choices....

XAusted Mon 02-Sep-02 16:23:40

I think you can get a CS pretty easily if you really want one. Probably depends on the hospital. I have two friends who had CS's recently because they didn't want a vaginal delivery. Their choice, not the doctor's. So I believe that the too posh to push syndrome does exist.

Rhubarb Mon 02-Sep-02 16:51:52

Romeo - a pretentious name for an egotistical couple. I think if she had married some bloke off the street there is no way she would have names like that.

Can you tell I don't like them?!

Lucy123 Mon 02-Sep-02 16:55:12

Aah Rhubarb - that's a bit harsh. I quite like them as they're so clearly in love and generally nice. Romeo is a bit of a silly name though I agree, but I don't think he'll be bullied due to his surname...

SueDonim Mon 02-Sep-02 17:36:04

I imagine the Beckham children will only be mixing with other children with, ahem, unusual names, such as the Lourdes' and Woody's of this world!!

pupuce Mon 02-Sep-02 18:33:05

They just said on BBC that there are 210 Romeo's in England... not THAT unusual !
I like it personnally ... then again I am not a Brit so it may be that I have heard it more often.

johnshe Mon 02-Sep-02 18:35:09

I quite like the Beckhams - they both seem like really nice people and I agree with Lucy123 they do seem to be genuinely in love.

If they want to call their children Brooklyn and Romeo, then that's their decision - There's been some stranger names before - Zowie Bowie, what about the Phoenix Clan - River, Joaquin, Sky (to name a few), tiger lily, and so it goes on.....

Leave the poor guys alone, we should be congratulating them, not ridiculing the name they chose.

SoupDragon Mon 02-Sep-02 18:36:20

I think Joaquim Pheonix's first name is Leaf

GillW Mon 02-Sep-02 19:55:19

It could be a lot worse - there are plenty of other celebrity kids with even weirder names.

At least Romeo is a real name with long established roots in English Literature, which to my mind is far better than the names of the Paula Yates clan - Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches, Pixie and of course Heavenly Hirani Tigerlilly. I think someone has already mentioned Zowie Bowie (who at least had the sense to change his name to Joe as soon as possible, and similarly Dandelion, daughter of Keith Richards, of the Rolling Stones, swiftly changed hers to Angela). And whatever happened to, Moon Unit and Dweezil Zappa, and Sonny and Cher's Chastity (the child that is, not the other - lol!).... Didn't Demi Moore & Bruce Willis have a girl called "Scout"? And Woody Allen & Mia Farrow had a boy called Satchel! And I think another of the Phoenix tribe was called Rainbow?

All in all poor Romeo Beckham has got off quite lightly!

janh Mon 02-Sep-02 20:37:24

GillW, I keep leaping to the defence of little Scout - Scout is the name of the girl who is the narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird, and she is a lovely character.
I would not do that to a child of mine, in rural Lancashire, but there are lots of characters in books whose names are used for children because the parents love the character, and showbiz people often give their kids worse names than that!

musica Mon 02-Sep-02 20:43:58

The worst ever has GOT to be "Depressed Cupboard Cheesecake". Just which of those names would you choose?

mckenzie Mon 02-Sep-02 20:56:57

as somebody who has a christian name that never gets spelt or pronounced correctly I say well done to any parent who gives their child a name with only one possible spelling and only one possible pronounciation but that is still a little be unusual. Well done Mr and Mrs B.

cos Mon 02-Sep-02 21:33:20

Did you know the Phoenix family surname was Bottom originally, so poor old River would have been River Bottom...

jodee Mon 02-Sep-02 23:37:56

JanH/GillW, I love the name Scout (prob. because I love the book) and that's my username on another messageboard (a footie one, so no-one here will know, me!)

Azzie Tue 03-Sep-02 06:26:25

The problem for me with the name Scout is that at Oxford Uni (and dh is an ex-Oxford man) the cleaners and bedmakers are called scouts.

janh Tue 03-Sep-02 09:20:38

Azzie, I have a sneaking feeling it's also a brand of dogfood (Sainsburys?), not to mention all those boy scouts and indian scouts, but we'll just have to rise above it!

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