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Additions Catalogue............So angry

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nutcracker Tue 28-Sep-04 12:06:54

My mom has an additions catalogue and an account with them.

I would say that she places an order on average about every 3mths, ususally for about 70 quid as alot of the stuff is mine.
Some of the stuff she keeps and obviously stuff that doesn't fit or isn't suitable is sent back.

Anyway she placed and oreder last week of over 100 pounds (mostly mine again).
The stuff was supposed to come yesterday but didn't (after i waited in all day).

Today she has recieved a letter from them basically saying that because they have noticed that she returns alot of the stuff she orders, that her custom is no longer welcome as she obviously doesn't like the stuff.
They said that once her account is payed off (alwaya payed on time by the way), that they will cancel her account and no future orders will be accepted

I am so angry, how dare they be so rude.

Basically then they don't want any customers who don't buy everything they order. Whats the point of the 14 day returns policy then ??

She doesn't want to ring them so i am going to do it later, any tips i what i should say ???

Skate Tue 28-Sep-04 12:08:14

F**k YOU!

(Not you Nutty - that's what you should say!)

Titania Tue 28-Sep-04 12:08:55

thats awful........i always order stuff and send it back if it doesnt fit or i dont like it......whats the point of having a home shopping catalogue with a 14 day money back guaruntee then?? is there anything in her credit agreement about it?

Demented Tue 28-Sep-04 12:09:32

I would be too. I thought that was the whole point of mail order, I have the Next Directory and when I order I order mountains of stuff, various sizes and just send back what I don't like, doesn't fit. Sounds like they need a sharp letter to me!

nutcracker Tue 28-Sep-04 12:10:23

She read it to me 3 times over the phone as i was sure she must have got the wrong end of the stick.

I just can't believe it, what the hell do they think they are playing at.

I could understand if she was over her credit limit, or was a late payer or something but she isn't any of those things, she just doen't keep every single item she orders.

littlemissbossy Tue 28-Sep-04 12:11:57

Nutty, that's disgraceful!!!! yes, a very strong letter to their managing director/customer relations director

katzguk Tue 28-Sep-04 12:12:10

thats just plain silly and would put me off ordering anything from them.

The whole advantage of hoem shopping is that you get to try them on in the comfort of your own home and not in a communal changing room with lots of silly skinny teenagers!!!

plus clothes vary so wildly in size within catlogues that you often have to order three sizes of the same item just to see what fits.

sorry this makes me very cross

nutcracker Tue 28-Sep-04 12:12:18

The letter is from the customer services manager so thats who i will ask to speak to, and won't take no for an answer.

My mom wanted me to email them (she knows i'll go mad thats why) but they won't reply then i don't think.

I also have a next book and always order loads and send most back cos i order 2 different sizes if i'm unsure, or colours e.t.c, i thought that was the idea.

KeepingMum Tue 28-Sep-04 12:13:20

I've just received one of these catalogues and was going to order some stuff. I logged on to the website and none of the things I wanted were in stock, and weren't coming in for 5 weeks!
Having read your message as well I am certainly not going to bother ordering. They won't keep many customers if they carry on like that. Your mum should write a letter back laying out exactly how much she has spent in the past and that she won't be spending any more and will tell all her friends as well, and all of mumsnet!

Skate Tue 28-Sep-04 12:13:36

Demented - me too. I've got 3 ds's under 4 and I cannot drag them all round Next so I do a big huge order of things, often the same things in different sizes, for all 4 of us and then send 90% of it back!!

At least we are buying something rather than nothing.

How bloody stupid of Additions (is that Argos? We've had words with them before - they're crap).

katzguk Tue 28-Sep-04 12:15:13

No additions isn't argos any more.

nutcracker Tue 28-Sep-04 12:15:41

Used to be Argos but not anymore.

The last time she ordered anything was about 2mths ago, and it was a swimming costume which she had to wait 4 weeks for and she kept.

I really can't see their point.

Skate Tue 28-Sep-04 12:16:27

Could it have been sent in error??

GeorginaA Tue 28-Sep-04 12:17:48

But that's the whole *POINT* of catalogues - you can't try them on in the shop after all!!!

*grr* ... very angry on your mum's behalf, nutcracker Give them hell.

GeorginaA Tue 28-Sep-04 12:18:13

(chucking my additions catalogue as I type...)

nutcracker Tue 28-Sep-04 12:20:28

Well I suppose so, i'll have to check before i rant at them i suppose .

O.k so if it isn't a mistake and they do mean what they say then what shall i say to them ???
(bearing in mind i am disgusted with their attitude).

foxinsocks Tue 28-Sep-04 12:21:55

I'm not sure they can do that can they? I would contact consumers' association or someone like that if you find their response isn't satisfactory. It's your legal right to return stuff - they can't mess around with that and refuse you custom just because you choose to use it (not that you would want to shop there again!).

foxinsocks Tue 28-Sep-04 12:23:29

I wouldn't check if it was a mistake. Rant first then let them check. If it was a mistake, it was theirs and they should have had something in place to stop it being sent out to your mum in the first place.

GeorginaA Tue 28-Sep-04 12:24:14

a) that they obviously don't know how the majority of their customers use catalogues
b) that they will be losing a regular customer who spends a lot of money with them to their competitors
c) that you are publishing it on a website with readership in the thousands to warn off other potential customers because you are so disgusted with their behaviour

(btw, I'm also happy to post a condemnation on my weblog and word it in exactly the right way that will get lots of Google hits if you would like)

GeorginaA Tue 28-Sep-04 12:25:17


d) report them to trading standards and let them know you will be doing so (that always seems to send a rocket up most company's arses...)

Twinkie Tue 28-Sep-04 12:26:04

Right get in touch with Watchdog - I am sure that they would love to publicise something like this - as well as Take a Break or Bella or someone like that - and send an email tot he head of the company.

What utter rubbish - I send most things I order from NEXT back and they love me sooo much they have just given me thousands of punds worth of credit (and of course I wont use it!!)

Can we all send an email to them saying we think they are disgusting???

Twinkie Tue 28-Sep-04 12:26:52

Ooohhh is that Argos - they are on the homepage - we should be able to contact them and make your displeasure known!!

littlemissbossy Tue 28-Sep-04 12:28:51

If I were you I would go above the customer service manager's head .... if only to prove that this person knows nothing about customer management

GeorginaA Tue 28-Sep-04 12:29:57

Just to check... is it these people?

If so are they linked with Boots? I've had issues with Boots online & trading standards before. (And come out of it quite well, I might add)

Whimsy Tue 28-Sep-04 12:31:20

I picked up one of theses catalogues in Boots on sunday, I have now put it in the recycling bag I would be so

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