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trying to find insurance groups on cars without calling insurance company?

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jellyjelly Thu 23-Aug-07 08:55:33

any ideas on websites.? Please

sockmonkey Thu 23-Aug-07 09:04:38

I'm not sure if they have a website, but Parkers guide (little car book you can get at newsagents) has car insurance groupings in. I will have a quick look to see if they have a website too...back in a tick

sockmonkey Thu 23-Aug-07 09:08:46

click on the car you have in mind and then there is a side menu to find out the insurance group.
Some insurers do vary as to what group the car is in, but it should give a good idea.

lemonaid Thu 23-Aug-07 09:09:17

They are listed in the back of Autocar and similar magazines, as well -- not sure if there's a similar website.

lemonaid Thu 23-Aug-07 09:12:26

cross-posted, sorry.

jellyjelly Thu 23-Aug-07 09:44:13

thanks that should be great.

BridgetJonesKnickers Thu 23-Aug-07 09:47:50

IF you put "Car Reviews" in Google it brings up loads of different car review websites (including Parkers), most of these give the insurance groups for different car makes/models.

pirategirl Thu 23-Aug-07 09:48:08

and here is good one 02%29&x=32&y=5

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