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Book Club September Review: Aberystwyth, Mon Amour

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bettys Sun 01-Sep-02 17:09:37

Anyone read this one? I went to Aberystwyth University so I enjoyed all the local references with a nostalgic snigger, although it isn't really like the Aber I knew

crystaltips Sun 01-Sep-02 18:06:00

Started off really slowly with this book - and didn't know whether or not I could finish it. When I finally decided not to take it too seriously - and to take it all with a pinch of salt - I thought it was fine!
I was a diversion from the sort of stuff I have read in the past.

Fionn Mon 02-Sep-02 15:31:05

I'd never have heard of this book or read it if it hadn't appeared here, so I appreciated reading something different. I enjoyed it and found it funny - I like my humour black!

Twink Mon 02-Sep-02 16:58:37

It's not something I would have picked out either, although I love crime stories, the idea of a spoof RC one seemed a bit wierd.

I found it sticky in bits but then something else would make me laugh so I carried on and really enjoyed it by the end.

Which only leaves Attonement, left it till last cos it was the biggest....

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