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Turning 30 and not happy!

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mollysmummy77 Tue 21-Aug-07 03:01:39

I'm in desperate need of reassurance!

I'm 30 in exactly one week and I'm not coping with it as well as i'd hoped! I've read all the self help books and am using all the witty analagies (sp, not sure!) like 'hey hey, I'm approaching my flirty 30's' but nothing is making the fear of my birthday go away.

I don't even know what exactly i'm fearful of, but i'm seriously finding it hard to raise a smile indoors whenever my birthday is mentioned. My mum and hubby both think i'm being silly, and probably think i'm being a bit attention seeking and that I secretly want a big fuss made, but really I don't.

Anyone else get this sense of impending doom when they were nearing a 'special' birthday? If so, any ideas of how to get through it without spending the day alone in bed with vodka tonic as company would be greatly appreciated!!! (Although it sounds like a great idea, I have a 22 month old to look after and I fear social services mightn't like a boozed up parent!)

SittingBull Tue 21-Aug-07 03:31:54

Message withdrawn

SittingBull Tue 21-Aug-07 03:34:31

Message withdrawn

alipiggie Tue 21-Aug-07 03:38:58

I hit the ground running at 30 and have already passed the 40 landmark. Believe me, my life began at 42 and can only get better from here (I life in hope ). Life's what you make of it and age has no barrier to making the most of it. I look at my Mother who'll be 74 this year and still enjoying herself. 30 - wow you're a baby, enjoy your birthday have some champagne go out with friends, let your hair down, but whatever you do don't get depressed about it. Love every minute of it.

mollysmummy77 Tue 21-Aug-07 03:46:30

Thanks ladies! I think the main problem is I don't see other people around me as getting older. So my sister to me is still only in her teens (she's 28 next birthday) and so I can't possibly be 30 because I only left school 2 years ago (in my head!!)
I'm going out for dinner with friends, which I was really looking forward to until I found out dh had rung the resturant to tell them it was a special occassion and asked for the table to be decorated. He knows how much I'm dreading it and when I pointed this out to him, he kind of rolls his eyes and says it's only a birthday! I've rung them again and said to please not make a fuss.
I really can't work out why this is such a problem for me, I used to love birthdays and had a fantastic Silver Jubilee BBQ for my 25th.

mollysmummy77 Tue 21-Aug-07 03:47:35

I like your quote sittingbull, that's certainly very true!

alipiggie Tue 21-Aug-07 03:52:53

You'll have a blast . So you don't want a big fuss in the restaurant, can understand that. How about you ask your H to organise a great champagne breakfast in bed, candlit evening whatever takes your fancy. Get him to pamper you. Then you'll really really enjoy your birthday.

SittingBull Tue 21-Aug-07 03:58:29

Message withdrawn

LoveMyGirls Tue 21-Aug-07 07:55:38

I dont want to wish my life away as im 25 but I am looking forward to being in my 30's in a way, My children will be older and i will have more money in general im hoping life will be less of a struggle, im hoping to get married and buy a house in my 30's so theres something to look forward to although my dd1 will be 13 by my 30th birthday so i'll be having a teenager to deal with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think women in their 30's are more confident in lots of ways, they know what they want and how to go about geting it whilst looking radiant and confident which I can't help but admire!

Eddas Tue 21-Aug-07 08:03:22

it'll all be a distant memory soon, This time next week you'll wonder why you cared. It's going to be no different from being 29. But then who am I to say, I'm only 28

But personally, i'm looking forward to being 30. Am planning on having a huge party(it's next November) will start to plan it early next year as it's quite near christmas, can't wait

totaleclipse Tue 21-Aug-07 08:06:26

Did you know a womaen is at her sexual peak in her 30s

SittingBull Tue 21-Aug-07 08:07:25

Message withdrawn

LoveMyGirls Tue 21-Aug-07 08:12:23

I lost my pre-baby body at 16 so i should be over it by the time im 30 - im not planning anymore children so hopefully I'll have lost the baby weight by then might treat myself to a tummy tuck when im 35

littlelapin Tue 21-Aug-07 08:20:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Tue 21-Aug-07 08:21:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaureenMLove Tue 21-Aug-07 08:34:56

Aw, what a shame you can't enjoy your birthday. Being in your 30's is so much nicer that your twenties! (Although I didn't like being 33 for some reason!) I just seemed to ooze confidence. I stopped worrying what anyone else thought of me, and started standing tall. I did wobble about it very briefly, but then I realised I'd got to where I wanted to be and I was more than happy. I hope you can get over this, because you don't know what you're missing!
(Ask me this again in 4 months, when I turn 40!)

LoveMyGirls Tue 21-Aug-07 08:36:13

MML I didnt think you were near 40!

MaureenMLove Tue 21-Aug-07 08:51:45

Not sure what to make of that! Does that mean you are suddenly visualizing me as an old hag with a walking stick or I come across so well, you thought I was only about 19!

LoveMyGirls Tue 21-Aug-07 08:57:11

Older than 19 younger than 40! No age in particular i guess i just thought you were around my age maybe a bit older as most cm's are.

lizziemun Tue 21-Aug-07 10:02:08

My sister hasn't had a birthday since her 25th, so now has an anniversey (sp) of her 25th .

I was 30 a good few years ago, and i have to say for me being 30 has been the best. I met my dh just before my 31st, and have been married for nearly 6 years and just about to have our 2nd baby.

harleyd Tue 21-Aug-07 10:19:21

im still 25 too in my head. not sure when i will come to terms with being in my 30's. but sure the day will come and go and you may as well try to enjoy it, with a v&t in your hand of course

MaureenMLove Tue 21-Aug-07 11:15:20

I love that lizzie! I think I might start having anniversay instead too!

mollysmummy77 Tue 21-Aug-07 19:49:25

Thanks guys!!I really like the idea of celebrating an anniversary of 25!
I went to the hairdressers a couple of weeks ago and had a radical new 'grown up' hairdo, which I love. I've also just started getting friendly with my new neighbours, who are 'grown ups' just like me and hubby so I am trying to approach upcoming turning point with a new sense of maturity! Have also just bought a new dress to wear out to dinner from a proper 'grown up' shop that wrapped it in paper before putting it in a lovely sturdy cardboard bag to take home!

aloha Tue 21-Aug-07 19:51:40

You are mad! I'm 44, and I don't feel old. I can't believe a 30 year old would be maried with kids. Too young
You ARE being silly!
Who are your role models/women you admire? Are any of them under 30?
And remember, you will never be any younger than you are today.

Pinkchampagne Tue 21-Aug-07 20:06:32

Wish I was about to turn 30 again! My little sister has just celebrated her 30th & had a great party!
I am soon to turn 35, so reaching my mid thirties, but hey, what can you do about it?!
I didn't enjoy my twenties that much, and feel a lot more confident now than I did then!

30 is not old at all!!

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