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What's the earliest age you can start judo?

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handlemecarefully Sun 19-Aug-07 21:49:23

Ok I suppose I could ring up a few clubs and find out myself, but quicker and easier to ask on here

MintyDixCharrington Sun 19-Aug-07 21:50:10

my ds started last year at school (year 1). he was 6, a few of them were 5 turning 6


handlemecarefully Sun 19-Aug-07 21:52:42

Ok, thanks - ds is way too young currently then (just 3)

I am trying to think of ways to get his physical activity levels up. He doesn't like walking, and if we try ball games he gets very frustrated that he can't kick, throw or hit the ball like an athlete and starts stamping his feet and getting cross.

Just had a hunch that he might like judo, but as I suspected, I probably need to defer that for some time

handlemecarefully Sun 19-Aug-07 21:54:09

Probably someone will come on here and tell me I am a loon for worrying about this, but have just seen a back issue (pre-recorded) episode of "Honey we are killing the kids" where they said that little boys need an hour of physical activity every day

brimfull Sun 19-Aug-07 22:04:40

Do you have a local tiny gym club?We have one at local rec.
Also david lloyd do tennis for this age
I'd like ds to do judo or similar but was also told 5-6yrs.,thinks it something to do with attention span and taking iunstructions or summat.

Two dog walks a day are enough aren't they?

Nemo2007 Sun 19-Aug-07 22:07:34

does he like swimming? I started DS about 5mths ago and he is 3.10yrs. He is now asking to start football and tennis

handlemecarefully Mon 20-Aug-07 07:20:29

Ah ggirl - tennis at David Lloyd, there's a thought!

Nemo - he does do a weekly swimming lesson, I should make more effort to take him in between times

Have remembered - he loves his bike. Will take him to the park more often with it (rather than leaving him just to do small circuits of the garden path)

popsycal Mon 20-Aug-07 07:32:30

5 round here,

We have had a real problem this year. DS1 is the youngest in his class - only just 5 10 days ago. All his best mates wiere 5 in October. They have been going to football and judo all year but you have to be 5 round here.

Found swimming lessons in the end for 4 and up - but that was at a diving centre.
HMC - my boys are the same - need to expel energy.

There is something called Lil' dragons - you need to be 4 though. Martial arts of a kind. ds1 went twice and loved it but he couldnt concentrate for long on it last summer.

popsycal Mon 20-Aug-07 07:33:21

A friend's little girl has done tennis since the age of 4 - local tennis club. Worth looking at

seeker Mon 20-Aug-07 07:43:27

I agree that children need at least an hour of physical activity a day, but don't they get it by rushing around like lunatics? It doesn't have to be directed physical activity does it? Actually, in my experience, most organized activities involve a lot of waiting around for your turn - so an hour judo or gym class usually means much less actual activity.

My ds has been doing football club since he was 4 and trampolining since he was 3 - but most of his exercise comes from running about in a mindless manner shrieking with his friends!

slim22 Mon 20-Aug-07 07:55:00

DS also 3 and was thinking about judo too as he looooooooves wrestling me to the ground!

Met a teenage team at an airport on their way to a competition and they all said too young as it requires a lot of concentration and some discipline and if start too early, he might hate the discipline and grow out of it before he had a chance to enjoy it!

We go to litttle gym. It's toddler gymnastics. Really fun. they learn all sorts of tricks. No competitiveness.

Whatever you choose, at this age, it's got to be non competitive but really focused on developing their individual self esteem.

tennis sounds good.

MintyDixCharrington Mon 20-Aug-07 19:44:50

my ds2 did gymnastics from thea ge of 2.5 until starting nursery - obviously very basic, but he loved it. lots of balancing, climbing, going in and out of obstacles etc. was accredited to the british gymnastics association hilariously enough, but was actually just a really nice 30 mins of mild activity in the village hall, and he slept like the dead in his nap afterwards!
highly recommended

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