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Advice Please! what to buy a 5 year old boy?

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dontwanttogetoutofbed Sat 18-Aug-07 23:58:05

i have two girls under 3 yrs old. what are boys into, what brand are in at around 5 yrs old ? any ideas welcome

PeachesMcLean Sun 19-Aug-07 00:02:54

one thing DS (6) keeps going back to is his blessed "Where's Wally" set of books. Driving me mad. But he loves them. And to be fair, makes a change from the usual plastic tat.

orangehead Sun 19-Aug-07 00:26:57

my five yr old loves lazy town, spiderman toys, cars (the film) toys, buzz lightyear. Cant u ask the mum what he in2?

mamazon Sun 19-Aug-07 00:28:45

my brother just had his 6th birthday yesterday and he wanted all the BEN10 toys.
they have a really good range in Entertainer, and i have seen some in woolies.

also transformers, power rangers, micro machines are all high on his list of good toys

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