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Present ideas needed - please!

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melpomene Sat 18-Aug-07 10:31:43

At the end of the month we are going to visit friends in Munich for 4 days, staying at their home. Dh and I are stumped trying to think of a suitable present to take for our hosts. They are a couple in their 30s with 2 young dds (like us). It's not too difficult to find presents for the children, but what can we get for our friends?

We don't want anything too bulky/ heavy/ breakable, because we'll need to pack it in our luggage.

Any suggestions?

Othersideofthechannel Sat 18-Aug-07 12:51:12

Are they German?

melpomene Sat 18-Aug-07 13:52:59

Yes they are German. They spent a few years in England but have been back in Germany for a couple of years now.

melpomene Sat 18-Aug-07 17:22:12


janeitebus Sat 18-Aug-07 18:06:34

Could you take them out to a restaurant whilst you are there?

Or baysit so that they can go to a concert or something?

Othersideofthechannel Sun 19-Aug-07 06:52:18

Babysitting is a fab idea, unless of they have moved back to a town where all their relatives live

Is there anything particular they miss from England? When we first moved to France ( back to France in DH's case) friend visited with an away from Britain survival kit - marmite, branston pickle, crackers for cheese etc

Or take the ingredients necessary to make them an traditional british meal while you are there.

We also really like it when people give us DVDs of the latest comedy series which haven't yet hit France.

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