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How do i find recommended car prices for older cars apart from which car as that doesnt have my car on it.

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jellyjelly Wed 15-Aug-07 15:10:35

Am looking to compare prices and need a bit of help . Have looked on which car but it semms to only go back to 93 and i need to look at 92.

Any ideas?


Playmobil Wed 15-Aug-07 15:19:18

try here parkers

jellyjelly Wed 15-Aug-07 15:28:12

shame they charge to give a value. Any others?

I found my car too.

WendyWeber Wed 15-Aug-07 15:38:04

You might do better looking for what your car is selling for on autotrader

misspiggy Wed 15-Aug-07 15:45:06

These are also very good, apparently the auto trade use their valuations as a guide (we took my Megane in to the dealer's the other day and he used these people to help value mine)

They charge £3.50 which I didn't think was too bad and they e-mail you a fairly comprehensive report on prices for trade / private etc.

jellyjelly Wed 15-Aug-07 15:45:29

There are so many differences on auto trader been looking.

My situation is that i saw a renault megan today its nice low miles 55k for 1k. He sadi he might look at my corsa.

My corsa i could get 350 maybe have done lots of work to it. Has 130k on the clock. Has 6 months mot and 6 months tax. Nice condition

He said give me 800 and the corsa and the megane is mine it has no tax but does have a yr mot.

It would be nice to have the car straight away and have it for the new schol term and avoids the hassel of having to sell mine on trader

Playmobil Wed 15-Aug-07 15:50:44

Sorry, didn't realise, just remembered the name from looking at the printed guide in whsmiths. If you have one locally maybe sneek a peek in there?

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