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7 year olds ironing

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Trinityrhino Tue 14-Aug-07 11:44:31

my 7 year old has been ironing for me, it's great, I dont have to do it

thomcat Tue 14-Aug-07 11:45:26

Nothing like a bit of child slave labour aye!
Hope she's ok with that hot iron

LucyJones Tue 14-Aug-07 11:45:59

bit risky that

tiredemma Tue 14-Aug-07 11:46:26

Oh-I could never let my eldest ds iron, he would end up in casualty I think.

Trinityrhino Tue 14-Aug-07 11:46:55

awww that was dissapointing, thought I was gonna get stoned where I stood

OF COURSE MY 7 year old iS NOT ironing

MrsScavo Tue 14-Aug-07 11:47:17

Right, how many people do you think are going to say 'Oh,that's soooo dangerous, how could you?'. I'll be watching

<<sits back with a cup of tea>>

Trinityrhino Tue 14-Aug-07 11:47:51

sorry guys, I have a headache and alot of ironing, I'm bored and was being mischevious

noone bit thjough lol

serves me right, you were very polite

MrsScavo Tue 14-Aug-07 11:48:21

My rubbish computer is so slow!

thomcat Tue 14-Aug-07 11:48:48

You mad mare!

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