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Fostering a cat

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Dubaimum2019 Sun 06-Oct-19 21:30:06

Hi there,
Hoping this post has hit the Bournemouth page...haven’t got the hang of this mumsnet site yet!
We have just relocated back from living overseas for four years and are looking for someone to look after our cat for a few months. We are staying in temporary accommodation and it’s a strict no pets allowed policy (we tried many!)
We want to take him back though as my daughter loves him. I’ve posted on my Facebook page and phoned local places but they only take cats who need a permanent home.
He’s currently in a cattery which is not ideal long term, too costly and not fair on the poor guy.
Does anyone have any suggestions. We will be covering all the costs whilst he’s looked after. Thank you!

Chocolateandcarbs Sun 06-Oct-19 21:32:57

Local vets may be able to give you local options? Ours has a ‘cat fostering’ scheme they can
direct people towards.

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