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Married but feel like single parent

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Cezzy Thu 03-Oct-19 19:01:53

D(?)H and I have been together 20 years married 19. 2DDs one 18 one 16. I had surgery in April complications in May and still recovering, he knows I’m not feeling well! MIL put into a home after Xmas as FIL couldn’t cope with her dementia , he is mentally quite weak and up the GP as soon as he gets a cold! We own our own company and I appreciate DH has to work long hours at times. But If FIL has a problem DH will drop everything but if I have issues I have to get in with it and DH acts like it’s a big deal to help. He says FIL is lonely so expects me to cook for him every night I said I can’t and suggested set nights he comes but he won’t ask to him as he doesn’t want to upset him. He says FIL is lonely, he has a relative clean for him and sees people and other regular relatives at the home, he visits every afternoon! I see bugger all! After surgery I was expected to cook and continue doing the company bookwork within 48 hrs. His FIL is due a similar op and he is talking about taking time off for him, he didn’t for me. FIL is good at manipulating DHs feelings, He is an only child. DH used to pay £20 a week for jeans which covered only part of the cost but hasn’t paid me for 3 weeks! Sorry but I have to deal with all problems and shit from 2 teenagers, keep house, shop, cook, do all company admin, and j get no help and made to feel guilty when I ask! After tea DH sits and talks to FIL for a couple of hours, I am left alone! Is it worth staying in this marriage! I drink too much I resent everyone and feel very low! Sorry about the rant but need to vent.

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