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Birthday presents for 1 year old

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Littlefattykittycatty Wed 25-Sep-19 23:07:02

My little boy will be one in November and I was going to get him a trike. I now doubt he will have much use out of it until the spring/summer so I may just wait until then to get it. If so I am now at a loss as to what to get and I just wondered what parents of baby’s born around November got their little ones? I have got a few bits already such as puppets, puzzles, books and some small toys but would like to get him something special.

Elzemni Thu 26-Sep-19 00:42:39

how special is special?

i got my son a gucci belt on his first birthday he is now 4 and still wearing it! i paid £100 and feel it was such a great investment because his sisters can wear it and his baby brother when he's a little bigger too!

FurrySlipperBoots Thu 26-Sep-19 00:52:04

Why would he not get much use out of it until the spring/summer/ It's good for children to get out and about every day! Don't you take him out in the pushchair on walks, even in the winter? Invest in some cosily lined waterproof overalls and there's nothing stopping you.

If you have space a little fold up slide and ball pool is fun for really torrential/stormy days.

Littlefattykittycatty Thu 26-Sep-19 08:24:50

@Elzemni By special I meant something out of the normal toys books I buy all the time or something he could keep.
@FurrySlipperBoots yes he does get out in all weathers, well so far as he is only 10 months old! I do take him out in the rain in a pram but it is not an enjoyable experience in the winter weather especially if it is snowing. We have a farm so don’t worry about the amount of fresh air he is getting smile.
We have a ball pool for him that he loves so it would have been a good idea.

EssentialHummus Thu 26-Sep-19 08:28:30

Annual pass for a farm/museum/soft play place? I’d hold fire on the trike personally.

EssentialHummus Thu 26-Sep-19 08:29:08

Well, if you have a farm then an annual pass to another farm - probably not! grin

Elmo230885 Thu 26-Sep-19 08:42:21

It's more a present for myself currently but for my daughters first birthday I had a bear made up from her baby clothing. I picked bits she wore a lot or had been given by family. Its decorative,not a toy. I'll give it to her when she's older. It also helped me 'let go' of some of the baby stuff as I had the keepsake. I'll do the same for my son when he turns one.

ogtube Fri 27-Sep-19 16:01:59

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PerfectPeony2 Fri 27-Sep-19 16:06:46

My little girl is 15 months old now and she absolutely loves her playhouse. Trikes are also great- we have one and will use it all year round. DD much prefers it to the pram! It’s the little tikes 4 in 1.

Other cute things- personalised money box, rocking horse, or use it towards a cake smash photo shoot (I know everyone on Mumsnet seems to hate this but we did a DIY one and it was adorable.)

Daffodil2018 Fri 27-Sep-19 19:36:22

Someone I know got their DD a neon sign of her name which I think is a really cool idea. I'd love to copy but don't know if that's a bit lame.

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