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A very nice little thing happened today that restored my faith in humanity!!

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walbert Fri 10-Aug-07 22:05:44

Don't you just love little ythings that happen that you didn't expect? Went swimming this eve, and as drove to pool realisedt that a little coat was hanging on a fence, didn't have time to stop as dad was driving so would have got v confused if i yelled 'STOP!'. On way home, pulled in, and there on someones garden fence was my dd's little Antoni & Alison hooded top folded up!! Round our way it would normally have been half inched!! I can't belive someone has filded it up and neatly plavced n a fence to be picked up! And when got home, dh has washed up, plumped sofa cushions and made me some tea before he goes out, even though i didn't mind him going out! What a super evening!!

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