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Small yellowish birds perking my window

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Lollipopslife17 Mon 16-Sep-19 12:35:03

Hi all, can anyone tell me why these very small yellowish birds are parking on my window? I wonder what is attracting them to my window which I have now closed as I don't want birds inside my house. What could be making them perk my opened window?

Finfintytint Mon 16-Sep-19 12:38:50

It’s probably a good vantage point and they like the warmth from the glass.

CherryValance Mon 16-Sep-19 12:39:37

Are you in the Uk? Do you mean bluetits? They sometimes peck at window frames after insects. They won’t try to get in though

Finfintytint Mon 16-Sep-19 12:39:58

They may also be pecking at their own reflection.

whyamidoingthis Mon 16-Sep-19 12:41:19

Your typos have me a bit confused, although I do love the idea of perky yellow birds.

You say they are parking and perking so do you mean they are just hanging out on your windowsill or they are pecking the window? If they're just parking themselves there, I've no idea.

If they're pecking, they are probably seeing their reflections in the window and are fighting with themselves. I know someone who has put some decals of larger, scarier birds on the window to deter them.

Seeline Mon 16-Sep-19 12:41:32

There may be some insects nesting in your windows that are providing a tasty snack. Or some seeds might have blown in and got caught.

As to the birds - any other distinguishing marks?!

RSPB bird identifier of yellow birds here

BoycottBoycott Mon 16-Sep-19 12:41:47

Try this bird identifier tool

Lollipopslife17 Mon 16-Sep-19 12:47:49

@whyamidoingthis sorry about the error pecking not parking 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

Lollipopslife17 Mon 16-Sep-19 12:48:31

@BoycottBoycott thanks, I will check to see

Lollipopslife17 Mon 16-Sep-19 12:51:07

@CherryValance yes, I am in the UK

whyamidoingthis Mon 16-Sep-19 12:54:54

@Lollipopslife17 - sorry about the error pecking not parking

I'm a rubbish typist so make loads of typos. I do love an amusing typo though grin

TheFairyCaravan Mon 16-Sep-19 12:59:28

I've got a family of blue tits pecking at my bedroom window. I think it's quite cute. They don't try to come in so I wouldn't worry about that

BigusBumus Mon 16-Sep-19 13:02:33

Blue tits do this all the time and appear more yellow than blue (and a bit fluffy) if they are this year's fledglings getting their adult plumage through. You get lots of spider webs around window frames and insects are caught in there so its easy pickings for them and their little beaks and they are masters at hanging on to difficult surfaces.

Come Springtime the adult birds that have come to know about the webs/insects will then come back to use the webs to weave their nests together. That's when they will attack their own reflections thinking another bird is there to get nest material too. Birds are only really territorial in Spring, not autumn.

If you want it to stop, sweep the webs away with a broom or similar, otherwise sit and watch them close up!

PenguinsRabbits Mon 16-Sep-19 13:03:53

We've had about 20 greenfinch pecking today and one nearly flew in but we have a thatched roof so guess that's why we are attractive. First time I've seen it though.

BigusBumus Mon 16-Sep-19 13:16:06

Wow you're lucky to have greenfinches! They died out over the last 5 years due to a parasite they get. I haven't seen any for years.

They are very yellow-y so I wonder if thats what the OP saw.

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