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Football clubs for children

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PK2019 Sun 15-Sep-19 14:55:04

How many mums are frustrated with the way their young kids are being treated in football clubs? I feel like my son is not being given a fair chance, although he played with small local clubs the politics of grown adults was the reason he had to keep leaving the clubs. Recently we contacted a new club and the coach straight away said to come in to the match although my son doesn’t know the club or the parents or children (we called for training and spoke to his manager who was more than happy to have us but he wasn’t happy), he put my son on for 5 mins and the referee another coach parent took him off (the coach who was the referee for this team was also cheating by giving penalties to his team) and then said to us ‘your son won’t fit in his skills aren’t of the same level’ what an utter t* he set my son up to fail when all my son wants to do is kick a ball about in a safe environment. In football clubs its all about dads who could never make it in football hence have a chip on their shoulder with corruption and dodgy dealings with money and keeping the clubs in their own little circles. It makes me sick how some coaches behave and there needs to be a change a big change in football for young children. Can anyone advise if this c* should be reported or am I just exaggerating.

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