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Why do mail items get lost when the Royal Mail strikes??

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MimieD Thu 09-Aug-07 09:48:41

You would think that during a strike, packages will just stay where they are and once work is resumed are delivered with a delay... Why is it that I have had 3 packages gone missing already all shipped to me during the strike? I have never had any items missing before. Feel sorry for my Mum as she had shipped a few things three weeks ago for my DD and they still have not arrived (she's abroad and was not aware of any strikes...). Normally only takes 4 working days.
Sorry, boring thread but am pissed off

fluffyanimal Thu 09-Aug-07 09:50:27

My sympathies. I ordered a book for ds which the supplier swears was shipped on 2nd Aug but it hasn't arrived, so I've been given my money back. It is frustrating isn't it.

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