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Gift ideas for nurses

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Boymum17 Mon 09-Sep-19 14:30:45


My second son was born 11 weeks early. He's now 10 weeks old and has been in the same NICU since he was born. He will shortly be moved to another hospital's NICU for tests to reach a diagnosis as he is believed to have a muscular condition. The nurses in the NICU were currently at have been absolutely amazing and we want to get them a gift before we leave. I want it to be something they can all enjoy, I.e not chocolates or cakes that only the people in that shift will get to enjoy. I've asked a couple of the nurses but they haven't suggested anything. I asked if they needed a coffee machine for their staff room, for example, but they said they already have one. I'm looking for something around the £100/£150 mark. Any ideas appreciated!!

AllyBamma Mon 09-Sep-19 14:39:05

Bluetooth/stereo for staff room
Toastie maker
Trashy magazine subscription
Tea/coffee/jams/spreads/goodies in a hamper, one for each shift

One very generous patient got us a massage chair but I realise that would be much more than 150 pounds.... though I wonder about an electric foot massager?

SlB09 Mon 09-Sep-19 22:24:07

Second the hamper type stuff, pods for the coffee maker, nice treats that you wouldn't necessarily buy yourself for break times. We once got nice handcreams that everyone liked (need to be individual tubes as can't share for infection control). Small TV for break room if they would be allowed it/would work. They will appreciate anything though, just a heartfelt thankyou is enough!

Heartofglass12345 Mon 09-Sep-19 23:10:01

We gave our NICU nurses a bag of treats for the staff room, they were well appreciated lol. Nothing will ever see enough for what they have done for your child though. I hope your little one is home with you soon!

Heartofglass12345 Mon 09-Sep-19 23:11:15


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