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Help me buy a birthday present

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pattyhoo Tue 03-Sep-19 18:29:10

It's coming up to my mum's birthday and I'm completely stuck for what to get her.

I'm heavily pregnant and exhausted and need to order something online, I don't think I can handle the shops. I will need to post the gift too so something that's not giant would be helpful!

She's early 70's and not in amazing heath. She's interested in gardening. She won't use toiletries, make up or sweets/chocolates.

I've bought some clothes before with mixed success - sometimes she'll use them but lots of times they're put away with the tags on and just left, after giving her the option of changing them & receipt etc but she'll always say she liked them 😑

She won't give me any ideas for anything. I'm feeling stuck and very down (she's not been very supportive while I've been having pregnancy worries and problems and I'm feeling very flat about our relationship).

Any ideas gratefully received! Thank you x

ShirleyPhallus Tue 03-Sep-19 18:31:27

Just send her a plant in a pot for the garden

She’ll like it, easy effort from you and bloody heavy if she tries to return it wink

Have you talked to her about your concerns with your relationship since you’re pregnant?

PrincessSarene Tue 03-Sep-19 18:35:14

A gardening calendar? Maybe also with gift vouchers for a local garden centre/nursery so she can choose what to buy herself?

GoldPaperStars Tue 03-Sep-19 18:37:48

Perhaps a David Austin rose? I believe you can order them online and if she’s into gardening then she’ll appreciate that they’re lovely plants.

GoldPaperStars Tue 03-Sep-19 18:39:05

Also, sorry she’s not being supportive. That must be tough. Don’t spend too much of your very precious energy worrying about what to get her. She’s not earnt it by the sound of it! I hope you have other more supportive people around you.

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