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"the 139 Harrods shopping days left until Christmas" ..where's that xmas thread??

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wheelsonthebus Tue 07-Aug-07 15:35:37


LieselVentouse Wed 08-Aug-07 10:13:38

I was looking for a Xmas thread so I could ask - when do they start putting Xmas stuff in the shops? Im an early shopper

legalalien Wed 08-Aug-07 10:22:28

According to Metro, they've opened Santa's grotto in Hamleys already. wtf?

MaloryTowersHasManners Wed 08-Aug-07 10:25:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LieselVentouse Wed 08-Aug-07 10:33:09

no i really need to know cause after Oct i'll be on SMP so would like to get as much done before that

sorkycake Wed 08-Aug-07 10:43:09

I've started collecting the gifts Liesel, you're in good company
Reckon I may well be done by end of September <slightly smug>

wheelsonthebus Wed 08-Aug-07 10:43:56

harrods has opened its xmas dept "for the American market". think i'll put the tree up this weekend

sorkycake Wed 08-Aug-07 10:48:40

Go for it wotb!
I'm stockpiling now because I know money will be a bit tight around December. Is yours an artificial tree with a lot of toys n crap thrown at it, or a real one 'tastefully' decorated?
mine is the former.

wheelsonthebus Wed 08-Aug-07 10:49:58

artificial and actually too short. was devastated last year (!) need to stand it on a box this year. decorations are tasteful tho' (smug face)

LieselVentouse Wed 08-Aug-07 10:50:11

mine is fricken gorgeous

sorkycake Wed 08-Aug-07 10:52:36

mine is decorated by two small children, then dh n I redo it when they've gone to bed to stop it from falling over because they only put stuff on one side lol
Trees should be full of toys anmd colourful baubles, my sisters is immaculate and takes a full day to do-redo so it looks perfect from every angle

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