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dye-ing clothes

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Carbonel Mon 06-Aug-07 17:58:16

Has anyone ever done this?

I am faced with the prsopect of dyeing cotton trousers for ds school as I cannot find any lightweight 100% cotton trousers with elasticated waists (he struggles with buttons).

Any tips gratefully received

MrsBadger Mon 06-Aug-07 19:27:29

no help with the dyeing, but these people have pull-on 100% cotton school trousers (scroll down to C52)

The other place I always look is Clean Slate but they only have zip ones.

Peachy Mon 06-Aug-07 19:36:10

I do it often- we pop all our black cotton t-shirts through every few mnths to keep them black (as opposed to grey)

EAily done in the amchine, you will need a coupke of sachets of dye (from woolies) and lots of salt- follow instructins and there you go.

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