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Help me please before i go md with frustration!!! What's that music from the advert where....

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walbert Sun 05-Aug-07 22:13:47

.... the woman has done some washing, is makinh the double bed (think she's just put duvet cover on and is shaking down duvet) and all the old memories and family images are being projected on the bed. It has a line in like '...the warm winds blow.... please don't go' sung by a woman, bit sort of twee or folky? Any help here is appreciated!

Doodledootoo Sun 05-Aug-07 22:21:09

Message withdrawn

littlelapininhercar Sun 05-Aug-07 22:21:51

Oh they use the same music for the Blue Water aftershave ad... I love it.

Tinker Sun 05-Aug-07 22:23:30

Is it this?

walbert Sun 05-Aug-07 22:23:43

Thanks, doodledootoo, but it's definately a woman, with a very soft voice, so it's def not linel, unless he's had an accident, ha ha! and i think i know which song you mean, i don't think 's that one. Gah!! It's driving me mad, i only know the woreds i've quoted in my question and i can't stop singing them, it's driving dh mad!!!!!

walbert Sun 05-Aug-07 22:26:57

Tinker, you're a bloomin' marvel!! Get yourself a big cream cake on me to say well done, and here (pat's back) that's to say well done from me! Can now torture dh with a full song's worth of tuneless warbling!!

Doodledootoo Sun 05-Aug-07 22:28:43

Message withdrawn

Tinker Sun 05-Aug-07 22:29:55

Walbert - I only know it because I asked on here a few years ago when it was on the Lacost advert (with a rather becoming chap jumping on stepping stones or something). Love the song

Doodledootoo Sun 05-Aug-07 22:31:32

Message withdrawn

Tinker Sun 05-Aug-07 22:31:44

Well, Lionel may or may not be crap but he didn't do Love lift us up etc - that is indeed a crap song though but was Jennifer Warnes and Sheffield Cocker man who is not Jarvis.

littlelapininhercar Sun 05-Aug-07 22:32:53

Oh thank you SO much! I love this song, just bought it from iTunes.

Doodledootoo Sun 05-Aug-07 22:33:01

Message withdrawn

Tinker Sun 05-Aug-07 22:37:20

A wand sounds very Joe Cocker indeed

Doodledootoo Sun 05-Aug-07 22:38:45

Message withdrawn

Tinker Sun 05-Aug-07 22:45:44

oops! Misread your post. But can imagine him with a wand as well

Skribble Sun 05-Aug-07 23:13:10

I know the one you mean but I can't find it anywhere. Def female singer

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