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Getting it on with George Clarke and Bear Grylls

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Feralhobbit Wed 07-Aug-19 09:48:12

For the second time in a matter of days I’ve had a dream about falling in love and getting together with someone. Firstly on Sunday night it was Bear Grylls when I had intense feelings even when I woke up. Then last night I dreamt that George Clarke and I fell in love and I sneaked I to his bed whilst away with work colleagues and had to keep it a secret!
The dreams are so vivid and the feelings so intense that when I wake I am left feeling a bit drained upon realising it’s not real!
I’d like to add that I am happily married and don’t really have a thing for Bear (although George has lovely eyes! grin
Does anyone else have dreams with intense feelings that they are still aware of when they wake?

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