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Where to live?

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dimdarkashian Fri 02-Aug-19 13:52:48

Can I have opinions on best place to live for young family?

Choices are:
- St Neots
- Sandy
- Biggleswade
- Arlesey
- Letchworth
- Hitchin

Ideally need stuff for pre-schoolers to do and good schools for when the time comes.

Pros and cons of each town if you're familiar would be really helpful.


dimdarkashian Fri 02-Aug-19 13:58:07

Oh and Baldock

ithinkiammelting Fri 02-Aug-19 16:21:07

I'm assuming you have homed in on those because of the proximity of the A1 and/or rail line into London?

From that list, probably Letchworth. Personally I'd avoid Sandy and Arlesey, and I don't know St Neots very well.

Have a look at Langford, Henlow, Clifton, Stotfold, Fairfield (which is basically a newly-built village in between Stotfold and Letchworth) and Shefford. All small towns and villages, and only a couple of miles away from the places you've mentioned already, and apart from Fairfield have older houses as well. You need to move fast, prices are rocketing round here, it has suddenly become part of commuter-land. Arlesey is the best place to catch the train, huge car park and reasonably priced.

dimdarkashian Sat 03-Aug-19 20:19:28

Thanks for the reply. I like Fairfield but my husband hates the 'Lego land' feel as he puts it. Also, although they have an outstanding lower school I've heard there are issues transferring into good schools.
We did the tour today and ruled out Arlesey and Sandy. We also visited Langford and Henlow as you suggested but ruled these out also. Although there are some lovely houses there is not much of a town centre in either.
We have lived in Hitchin for 3 years and are looking to buy a bigger house (we've just has another baby) and want more for our money.
We like Letchworth and Baldock. Today we visited Biggleswade and St Neots for the first time.
We both absolutely loved St Neots but are not sure about the 1 hour commute to and from London that DH would have to endure every day.
Such a difficult decision when we don't have any family ties to any area!

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