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Mum-in-Law's 50th Birthday Present

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Melyn Sun 28-Jul-19 20:26:06

My MIL's 50th birthday is in September, she wants to go to Manchester for a meal somewhere nice. We're in a really tight spot money wise at the moment, my DH is going from weekly to monthly pay starting in September so we won't get money until the end of September, and we've got to buy food for the whole of that month (bills are okay as we've set up direct debits to come out on the 25th) anyways, my MIL has always helped us out and she occasionally looks after my DS but I don't know how much we should spend on a present for her. (I've also said I'd make her cake which is £40+ aswell as a meal which is £50+). We'll be counting pennies for September and I don't know what to do. I'm making a canvas for her with drawings of her side of the family which will cost £30 to then print off so not cheap. She's also REALLY difficult to buy for.

How much should I spend on a present for her? And what else can I get for her?

Pipandmum Sun 28-Jul-19 20:30:15

How’s the cake that you are making cost £40?
Anyway the pictures you are doing and meal out seem enough to me.
I’m just reeling that your mum in law is only turning 50! I’m 57 and my kids are still in school!

Melyn Sun 28-Jul-19 20:33:19

Ingredients are expensive for a chocolate cake, doing chocolate ganache and buttercream filling (MIL's favourite), she had my DH at 21 and my DH was 26 lol.

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