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Tummy buttons

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Lollypop Wed 21-Aug-02 21:37:34

What causes some tummy buttons to stick out? My daughter's is an outie(?) and looks odd is there a way to ensure my next child's isn't?

crystaltips Wed 21-Aug-02 21:40:34

I think it's all about how the doctor/midwife "ties the knot".
Isn't that right mears?

threeangels Wed 21-Aug-02 21:49:28

Hi Lollypop, I read what determines an innie or an outie is how the opening of the abdominal wall closes after cutting the cord. It said when the muscles dont close together completely it will be an outie (which my dd had after the cord fell off). If the muscles close completely it will be an innie. I dont think you can really know ahead of time until afer the wound heals. My dd's has gone mostly in now (age9). I think its because she has grown so much and the skin has has changed a lot. I guess. My ds also had a minor outie but seems to have changed overtime. Hes 21 mos.

mears Wed 21-Aug-02 22:02:22

Sorry crystaltips - nothing to do with us

MABS Wed 21-Aug-02 22:03:57

LOL Mears - wish I had you as a midwife when I was pg , they don't seem to have sense of humour where I am

crystaltips Thu 22-Aug-02 14:22:31

Show's how much I know - better keep my trap shut in future!
My gob must be an "outie" as the muscles dont close together completely

Tinker Thu 22-Aug-02 14:41:14

I thought it was the way they were tied as well. All kids seem to have outies now. Do they change over time though? Most little girls have lovely little pot bellies which may push it out more obviously.

Jendy Thu 22-Aug-02 14:42:31

Lollypop hope I'm not scaremongering, most buttons in or out are fine. It's just perhaps keep an eye on it if it starts to expand my friends ds sticks out more than it should and she's found out it's a hernia.

leese Thu 22-Aug-02 19:48:31

Essentially 'outies' are little hernia's, but in about 95% of cases will right themselves over the years, so nothing to worry about (my dd has an outie - likes to stick her belly out and pat it a lot). If they don't rectify, your GP may suggets minor surgery to repair. Outies are more significant in adults who go from having an 'innie' to an 'outie' - a sign they have developed a hernia, and it will need repair.
As Mears says, nothing to do with us! We just stick a peg on and hope for the best...

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