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People in flat downstairs smoking weed all the time

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Willowtree3 Sun 28-Jul-19 10:12:24

For a few months now I’ve been living in a flat that I own. People in one of the lower flats in the building, who are tenants, smoke weed every day, often more than once a day, and fill the entire building, including my flat, with the smell. It was an enormous amount of work to buy my flat and have it renovated, so no way am I going to move anytime soon. I am completely fed up with being forced to passive smoke cannabis every day in my own home. Plus I hate the smell; it makes me feel sick and I do not want my flat constantly stinking of it. Also, I have friends with babies and want to be able to invite them round, which I obviously can’t do when the air is full of cannabis. I have talked about it to the company that manages the building, who were sympathetic, and said they would email the landlord of that flat about it, asking him to get different tenants. They have now emailed him twice and he has not responded. Any ideas what else I can do? I’m reluctant to call the police, and don’t know whether they would do anything anyway. Would the council help? Thanks for any ideas!

BooseysMom Wed 21-Aug-19 21:27:19

@Willowtree3.. Just browsing and found your post and see no one replied yet so just wanted to see if you got the issue sorted. If you don't get a response then yes i'd try the council next. Good luck

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