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Work at home husband

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Gardenartmum Wed 24-Jul-19 19:17:08

My husband is self-employed and 'works from home' but this year has hardly had any jobs. I understand there are often spaces between contracts, but he seems to just wait for clients to contact him with no apparent sense of urgency. It's driving me mad. This year he has watched a lot of Amazon Prime, and been out for coffee and beers a lot with his friends.
I am unable to work at the moment because I'm going through a stressful and emotional time looking after ill parents.
We have two small children and desperately need expensive work done to our house - I have a feeling he's been using savings meant for our extension to cover the mortgage and bills.
On top of this he has very little empathy for what I'm going through. He doesn't talk about feelings, and often doesn't even ask about my day.
He is a good dad, that's his saving grace.
He used to be ambitious, driven, motivated. Now it seems he's awarded himself a holiday ('there's never much work around in July and August'!), but he's the breadwinner!
I don't know what to say or what to do! He's currently got it into his head 'I need a holiday' - from what I keep asking myself! He's on an almost permanent holiday. Playing with the kids, sunbathing, watching tv....
He doesn't even do much around the house and gets cross when asked to 'help'. I'm starting to really dislike him.
Help and advice please!!

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