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Ex claims to be in state benefits and CSA reduced to £0

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exairhostess Wed 24-Jul-19 02:45:18

Ex is self employed, works 2 jobs
Planning summer hol abroad with DD this summer
Just had letter from CSA saying payments are £0 because he’s on state benefits

This is either
A) clearly untrue and he’s lying to the CSA about receiving benefits
B) true and he’s committing benefit fraud

If I call the CSA can I find out benefit he’s supposedly claiming?

What benefits render your payments to zero?

He’s remarried, has also a younger child and both ex and wife self employed and earning.

Has anyone else’s ex filled this type of fast one?

Gingerkittykat Wed 24-Jul-19 03:30:31

If he receives benefits and has the child 1 night a week or more then payments will be 0.

I don't know if data protection will allow then to tell you details of what he is claiming.

It is probable he will put all business income in his wife's name. I would do what I could to challenge it and also report him for possible benefit fraud but sadly there are loads of ways to play the system.

CupoTeap Wed 24-Jul-19 03:59:42

They won't tell you anything about what he is claiming.

WashingMyHair247 Wed 24-Jul-19 04:34:44

My ex put everything into his wife's name.

I'd give them the heads up, at the cms.

RubberTreePlant Wed 24-Jul-19 04:58:44

Report him to HMRC for tax fraud. They have more teeth than the CM agency. Give them full details of his self employment, whatever information you know.

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