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Is nearly 10 weeks old too "young" to be in the pushchair - as opposed to the pram??

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TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 31-Jul-07 11:31:04

Just wondering really as I HAVE to go to town today, DS3 is full of cold and seems better "propped up" - but the carrycot can't be propped up on the chasis so he'll be lying completely flat the whole time.

I know they usually say 3 months for a normal pushchair - but what are the "criteria"???

NineUnlikelyTales Tue 31-Jul-07 11:32:50

For a one-off, I would say don't worry about it.

3Ddonut Tue 31-Jul-07 11:33:01

I think that the pushchair position is not so good for one so little because it puts too much strain on their backs, have you not got something flattish you can put under his head and back in his pram? And Vicks baby balm?

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 31-Jul-07 11:36:12

so that's one vote for yes and another for no then.

Surely a pushchair isn't much different from a carseat for a short time?? Or am I completely way off the plot there?? I certainly wouldn't have it all the way up still pretty reclined - just not totally flat...

MrsJohnCusack Tue 31-Jul-07 11:39:23

I wouldn't have thought it was a problem for a one off trip; I think it's prolonged not lying flat that's a problem. he'll eb fine

bozza Tue 31-Jul-07 11:46:54

I think he'll be fine. My nephew was in yesterday.

3Ddonut Tue 31-Jul-07 11:50:44

Well if he's reclined should be ok.

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 31-Jul-07 11:54:35

phew thanks - so shall pop him in the pushchair (if I can work out how it attaches ) for this afternoon's shall I do it facing me, or facing away (never had this dilema before as had cheap and cheerful prams/pushchairs with the older DS's LOL).

LIZS Tue 31-Jul-07 12:08:18

or roll up a blanket and put under the carrycot mattress at head end

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 31-Jul-07 12:11:10

carrycot doesn't really have a 'matress' per se so that would be a bit difficult unfortunately.

fakeblonde Tue 31-Jul-07 12:31:09

I would have to say no here.
I think the car seats are bad enough for short journeys, and it really hacks me off when i see people putting newborns in those ones that dont lie flat-then take them all around the supermarket in the same seat and then home and then into the lounge for a couple of hours as hes asleep .
Thats just my winge tho`.
Am a firm believer in a good big old fashioned prem

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 31-Jul-07 12:50:43

fb - I'm a believe in the old fashioned pram too - but DS3 really struggling to sleep flat on his back at the moment.

I don't think there's much chance of him staying asleep once we get home - I can only get the wheels of the pram/pushchair as far as the hall (won't fit through the next door with the stairgate on) and no matter how "settled" he is in the pram he ALWAYS wakes up if left in the hall

islandofsodor Tue 31-Jul-07 12:54:17

Ds was in a double pushchair from birth. I didn't have much choice really however much I love a proper pram which I had with dd, it just wasn't practical.

My pram actually had a little lever which propped up the mattress slightly, that would have solved your problems. I have offered it on freecycle but everyone wants travel systems.

LIZS Tue 31-Jul-07 12:58:50

Can you pilfer mattress form moses basket or crib to wedge up , so he lies on a staright slope iyswim. What pram/pushchair is it ?

TheQueenOfQuotes Tue 31-Jul-07 13:02:10

it's a Haucky Inifity. Doesn't have a moses basket - we've been using the carrycot from the pram for that, and his cot is a full sized one so wouldn't fit.

Think I'm just going to bite the bullet and put him in the pushchair bit, he's hardly slept lying flat in the carrycot this morning, but has just fallen asleep in his bouncy chair and looks (and sounds) much more comfortable.

DS1 used to live in his carseat on the travel system (didn't have a pram/lie flat pushchair) so I don't think a one off will be too terrible.

Especially as he's only been in his car seat 2 times since he was born - and that includes coming home from the hospital .

nappyaddict Tue 31-Jul-07 21:33:14

i would have put a pillow under the mattress and propped his head up with that.

but if your pushchair is suitable from birth and lies flat i wouldn't have seen a problem with it.

nappyaddict Tue 31-Jul-07 21:53:37

i mean under the sheet

TheQueenOfQuotes Wed 01-Aug-07 12:20:42

well I took him out in the pushchair reclined almost flat (but not quite - or I would just have put him in the carrycot ). He certainly seemed a lot more comfortable breathing wise, but it was BAKING here yesterday so got a bit grumpy because he was too hot...

Still although I felt bad to start with I certainly didn't after I saw a woman with a baby that can't have been more than 1 or 2 weeks old in a normal umbrella type buggy....SAT UP!!!

nappyaddict Thu 02-Aug-07 11:50:02

i thought the hauck infinity pushchair wasn't suitable til 6 months? i wanted one and didn't cos the lady in the shop said i'd have to keep him in the carry cot bit til 6 months and i thought he'd outgrow it by then.

Lazycow Thu 02-Aug-07 11:59:46

I used a pushchair for ds from when he was 8 weeks old. I just had enough of lugging the pram up the stairs and bought a lighter pushchair. It was designed from birth though (supposedly) and had a seat that went quite far back (though not all the way)

nappyaddict Thu 02-Aug-07 12:05:49

oh the lady in the shop i went to must have had the same thoughts as this website even though it does say suitable from birth. was going to be annoyed then if i could have had it!

nappyaddict Thu 02-Aug-07 12:10:49

he is likely to have lots of snuffles so maybe you should invest in a wedge to put under the mattress in the carry cot? i used the wedge i used to support my bump in pregnancy if you've got one. there's one here for only a tenner

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