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Help how do I get my children back ?

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Jjmkiloveu Sun 21-Jul-19 00:34:31


I'm not going to go into too much detail

I've lost my children to social services

It's been a year

How do I prove I'm a better mum take the case back to court and get them back?

The social worker said she knows a mum who was in a worse position than I was and got her kids back so I know their is hope

Any advice ? Numbers or people I can get in touch with for help ? And courses or programs?


notapizzaeater Sun 21-Jul-19 00:41:57

Have you actually ask your SW wha5 they need you to do ?

JoxerGoesToStuttgart Sun 21-Jul-19 00:46:25

Are your children in foster care? Are they going to be adopted? Surely your social worker has given you a plan of what is going to happen and what you need to do?

HeadintheiClouds Sun 21-Jul-19 00:48:54

Why on earth aren’t you asking the social worker these questions, given that they know why the children were removed in the first place?
Or didn’t you like the answers?
Nobody here can give any useful advice based on your op.

sleepingdragon Sun 21-Jul-19 00:55:41

Another one telling you that you need to ask your social worker or your solicitor. In general you need to do, and look like you have taken on board, whatever social services want you to do. What exactly that is could be anything depending on the issues they identified- e.g. if they felt your parenting/discipline was too harsh, what you need to do would be completely different to if they felt your children were suffering because you gave them no boundaries. Good luck

hmwhatsmynameagain Sun 21-Jul-19 01:33:14

Have your life on track, prove you can parent adequately and comply with all SS requirements
And fight like hell to prove all this

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