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Advice wild baby mouse

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flower8169 Sat 20-Jul-19 23:58:02

Long story short I have rescued a baby mouse off my cat. No serious injury very friendly! That I can see. Is in a box with some tissue and bread and I'm letting it relax for a moment or over night. My cats gone out and is probably in the garden so I don't really want to let him or her out yet. Am I being harsh keeping it over night? It is safe and warm and tbh I don't want my cat getting it again. It's so small! It has a little cut on its face though. I love animals is it worth taking to the vet to get the cut looked at? Or can I do anything? If I was to clean it it'd probably let me it's that calm This may sound ridiculous but it's still a animal (or rodent whatever u wanna call it) and has a life ahead of it 😂

BooseysMom Wed 21-Aug-19 21:23:08

@flower8169.. just found your post while browsing and wanted to ask what happened with the mouse? Hope he was ok. I had the same thing happen when two cats belonging to the neighbours were tormenting a fiield mouse and i just had to rescue him. He was petrified and squeaking. I picked him up and got a bite for my trouble so i let him go in the long grass well away from the cats. There was a bit of blood on my hand so i washed it x3 with anti bacterial wash! I hate cats!

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