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Amazon - is this a scam?

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pepperpot99 Thu 18-Jul-19 15:47:06

I have just received three separate text messages purporting to be from Amazon. They each provide a 6 number 'OTP' code (whatever that is) and instruct me not to share it with anyone and to keep the number confidential. I haven't ordered anything though...can anyone advise me whether it's a scam of some sort? the number on each text message are different. Thanks in advance. smile

Anotherbloodyname123 Thu 18-Jul-19 16:55:20

Sounds like someone is trying to log in/hack your account. I would contact them

Backtotheoldhouse Thu 18-Jul-19 17:01:24

This is from the Amazon website explaining about a otp
If you haven't ordered anything it must be that the buyer entered your phone number by mistake?

pepperpot99 Thu 18-Jul-19 19:40:33

Thanks Back I think that's what's happened.

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