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WallyHerbert Mon 30-Jul-07 10:56:33

How can it be the highest form of wit when it's so injurous?

OTOH it can be quite clever and funny(?)

WigWamBam Mon 30-Jul-07 10:59:04

Isn't the saying that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit?

Tutter Mon 30-Jul-07 10:59:29

wwb is right

WallyHerbert Mon 30-Jul-07 11:06:41

Ah, yes, sorry my mistake but don't they say the highest form of intelligence? That's what I meant to say!

HappyDaddy Mon 30-Jul-07 14:35:20

Either way, it's my staple diet!

GibbonInARibbon Mon 30-Jul-07 14:38:08

It is my mission in life to elevate it to a higher form of wit.

MrsBadger Mon 30-Jul-07 14:39:13

how d'you mean, it's injurious?

UnquietDad Mon 30-Jul-07 14:39:56

DD and I do "being sarcastic" to each other. She has just discovered it and wants to practise - is really funny, e.g."Oh, dad, it's REALLY sunny today, ISN'T it?" with face.

ChipButty Mon 30-Jul-07 14:40:07

Sticks and stones and all that?!

brimfull Mon 30-Jul-07 14:41:30

Love witty sarcastic repartee, tis one of the things I love about living in the UK.I have an american friend who took years to understand it and stop being continually mortally wounded by people.She enjoys it much more here now.

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